1. Where should I put these files? I have no /download directory anywhere. Is it a hidden directory or should I create one?

  2. What is the difference between this file of 850 mb and the original file which downloads PES 2014 during the game?

  3. after put files in C / ProgramData / Konami / Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 / download
    nothing changed and datapack still 1.1

  4. Descobri como fazer funcionar essa buceta!!!
    Depois do futvolei posto os arquivos aqui e explico o proceder…

  5. How to install this DLC correctly on pc? Today I’ve opened game and downloaded new data pack in statistics. After that I’ve installed pes patch 1.04 (both versions) and my game doesn’t work. What will I do to play the game correctly?

  6. Rodrigo Lacerda I install patch 1.04 and the game does not open… so i don’t dld DLC 2 ingame :(…

  7. same problem here…..
    after i put the downloaded data in c:\program data \konami \ pro evolution soccer 2014\download
    and then install the patch 1.04
    the game doesnot open

  8. I installed the patch 1.04 and the data pack 2.0, and now i cant play online, when searching opponents on ranking match i get “unable to connect to other users”, it was fine before this update…can anyone help?

  9. alguien sabe como solucionar lo del borusia dormund este equipo con el nuevo dlc 2.0 se me cambiaron todos los jugadores por unos desconocidos es el unico inconveniente que tengo porque ya logre solucionar lo de los cuerpos blancos

  10. gan kalau laptop core 2 dou 1,66 Ghz ram nya 1,5 giga HDD nya 120 Giga
    bisa ngga di pasang pes 2012 ??
    di tunggu jwb nya di gmail atau langsung disini

  11. PROCIEny sih tahan..
    RAMny kurang gan.. min 2gb
    HDD ga masalah
    VGA ente brp? min 256 buat jalanin gameny

  12. in some stadiums, balls become invisible, this crap is also present in the master league and become a legend

  13. gan, mw tny nch.. say sdh berhasil download data pack lwt statistic…. mukanya sdh fix,, cuma kostum liga inggris gak fix & budesliga msih acak” bgmna nch solusinya… masak saya ulang kmbli?? thnx..

  14. gila loe… tuh compi uzur…..mending loe buang aza gan ti yang pake embel embel i5 dan vga card yang bagus…


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