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PES 2014 DLC 2.0 – 15th November Release


PES 2014 DLC 2.0 – 15th November Release

The 2nd Season Update is now available in the latest Datapack!

The NEW PES 2014 Datapack which is the second in a string of Season Updates is available as of 15th November. Its contents include player model updates, updated squad lineups as well as the latest football boots. See below for more details :

– Updated Faces!
The fans have spoken and we have listened. Over 800 player faces added to make player appearances much closer to their real-life counterparts.

pes 2014 dlc 2.0 release

Screenshot from twitter ‏@NicoloDiMaria.

Update 15 November :

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Screenshot from twitter @GavHullPES

update dlc 2.0 pes 2014


  1. They had to solve the problem regarding gameplay and slow motion and lag not only new faces and boots. !!! They had to fix these things regarding Gameplay first of all and lag inside the game!!!! Konami hurried very much this year and made many errors and bugs with this PES 2014 game.

  2. Konami hadn’t problems with slow motion and lag in last versions of PES. Probably now they hurried so much developing Fox Engine, practically they changed the game engine. But they had at least to fix the bugs regarding lag and slow motion before to write the dvd’s and sell the dvd’s with the game. Or, at least now with this Data Pack 2 or future Data Pack 3 to fix the issue regarding this lag at replays and slow motion. Am I right?

  3. “Hi all. So unfortunately, as I suggested yesterday about caution, it does seem the message of DP2 release was an error :( Not coming today” by Adam Bhati. Again Konami screw us. I give up… Bye Pro evoliution soccer forever, was really fun couple years with u. Very sad day for me…

  4. It won’t be coming today or on weekend as Japanese people are not working on weekends.

    So, my guess would be next week.

    Pathetic company. Simply pathetic!

  5. At least, I hope that they will fix the problem with lag, gameplay and slow motion in this data pack or future data pack… if they didn’t solved the problem before writing DVDs and release it on the market in October… For sure, Konami has few employees than Electron Arts and that’s why there are many bugs and problems with the game…

  6. I’m tired of hearing that some good games will be released just on consoles and not on PC. They had to release all games on all consoles PC, XBOX, PS3 PS4 WII etc, not only consoles and just that… And all games must be optimized on all platforms. The same PES 2014, FIFA 14 shooter games etc.

  7. Konami vende humo!!! el peor juego de konami en toda su historia por lejos! ahora tampoco cumplen con el dlc.20? para que dicen algo si no pueden cumplirlo? mentirosos!!

  8. el peor de la historia no lo creo…muchos dijeron lo mismo con casi todos los PES anteriores y despues se callaron…entende de q tenemos (PAGAMOS) por un juego a medio-hacer…literalmente por la mitad…espera a los dos DLC’s q saldran uno este mes y otro en diciembre y recien opina de q si es o no “el peor juego de la historia”…con respecto a de q los de Konami nos fallaron te doy toda la razon…


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