PES 2014 Demo


PES 2014 Demo

pes 2014 demo

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (known also as PES 2014) is the thirteenth edition of the game developed and published by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Some of the main futures that may be in the new pes 2014 demo are listed below :

Barycentre Physics and Ball control : new fox engine makes it possible for a much larger separation between player and the ball to help make tackling easier. You will have the ability to control your player’s weight shifts at all situations and use practice touches to push the ball away from your feet. You now control the player and the physics drives the animation, opportunity for a radical new control scheme that might be a revelation in football video game control.

Contact and Physicality : a weakness in previous pes games, but now players can jostle for space, even without having the ball, for headers at the corners, or even to dominate a smaller adversary.
You will be able to tug shirts, cloth is now separate from the player’s body and stretches, and also elbow for room on the touchline. It works in conjunction with the physics and precision control. Good players can unbalance defenders with dropped ball skills or shoulders, and push the ball further ahead to exploit their speed.

Squad Emulator: Formations continue to be essential for success, however , now you can set ‘zones of play’ so your key players concentrate on certain tactics in mission-critical areas. You will have the ability to recognise your favourite teams pattern of play in just few minutes.

We must not forget the new feature of PES 2014 engine – the use of Players Motivation Stat, an impact to the psychological side of the game. A chanting supporting home crowd can lift up players morale while disturbing the rivals. That being said all we can do now is wait for the pes 2014 demo release date, in august or september. Check our homepage for more news, maybe it’s there now.

Latest update :

° pes 2014 pc demo will be released soon after full game release.

° pes 2014 ps3 demo on 11th and pes 2014 xbox demo on 12th september.


  1. jos nije izasao demo tek treba da izadlje za mesec dva

  2. I think you should insert the third jersey, or as we have had in a PES to change the color of shorts and jersey before the game.

  3. i hope tomorrow pes 2014 demo is out (Between 28 july and 4 august, pes 2014 demo release date will be announced)

  4. This confuses the hell out of me, what do they mean they’ll release the PC demo after the full game release…? Will it come out later for the PC so we’ll have to make due with the demo or is it just asian weirdness from Konami?


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