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PES 2014 Bootpack 5.0 Addon by Ron69


PES 2014 Bootpack 5.0 Addon by Ron69

– added / replaced 8 Boots (Nike Tiempo V, Nike Magista, Nike Hypervenom, Puma evoPOWER, Puma evoSPPED, Lotto Zhero Gravity, Lotto Stadio Potenza)
– updated 12 Boots
– for PES 2014 Bootpack 5.0 (correct database)

pes 2014 Bootpack 5.0 Addon by Ron69

uploaded zippyshare mirrorcreator

CREDITS: thetrinity12, MartyMcFly, WENS, sxsxsx

Specially thanks: thetrinity12 for Puma Boots, Lotto Stadio Potenza and for the excellent support. sxsxsx for the new PES 2014 Model (2 colors)

I hope, you like it ;)


  1. This work is a real steal, we all know that half of the boots are creation of Marty mc Fly. please admins off to this page, i request you not to disclose theft.

  2. The question is that he don´t have the permission of Marty Mcfly. It’s Simple. If you don´t have permission for take the boots of others bootmaker, you don’t have do it. if you do it, you are a boot theft

  3. Stay times loosely boy. Theft is when I take something without paying. Second, these words MartyMcFly has said (Source PES edit)

    I Decide share my work…so if you or anybody use my boots…texture or bump and edit the colors (easy) (nobody know made good bump) just give me the credit OK?


  4. For Marty Mc Fly Facebook:

    “Ron69 on your boots addon you screwed 20 … 14 are entirely mine … besides you already had your bootpack …

    You’ll have to get another addon because I was waiting for to launch my new and final bootpack for PES 2014

    Since I do not publish my Predator Instinct in anywhere except here I am disappointed by that that I enable this excellent boot …

    The rest you for trusting my work.”

    What do you think about that?

  5. If Marty Mc Fly release for the public a bootpack is his bootpack entirely, only his work. And if people will like will get it.

    Ron69 has a different bootpack. They are not the same. It’s a mix of edited ones. And if people will like will get it.

    Think at Ronaldo face, they all make the same Ronaldo face, but different.


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