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PES 2013 Wishlist


PES 2013 Wishlist

We are waiting yours suggestions for Developing PES 2013 and make PES 2013 Wishlist. Pes-patch.com will list your comments and send them to Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

PES2013 Wishlist

* Get the goal keepers sorted next year, anytime you run at the keeper, the slightest angle and you score in PES 2013
* A good addition to the game should be the choice what time you of the day the game is, for example if you select to kick off at 5pm in autumn its still light outside, but it gradually gets dark, and maybe showers of rain during a match.. as a result the conditions effects your player.
* Licensed all the english club teams uniforms
* Licensed all the national team uniforms
* Add bundesliga league and premiere league(2nd)
* More popular cleats and give few space for user to creative their own cleats
* Add missng players, young and retired players
* More famous stadium of english clubs
* More famous stadium of turkish clubs
* Creative few famous couch manager
* More hair and accessories
* More tricks
* A more realistic and flexible approach to the gameplay will do unlike previous versions where one player can take on every defence(messi and ronaldo ) more licence should be acquired to make original jerseys. Ps bring back the old version of lifting more (real) trophies
* Bigger stadiums and some more traning feilds and regular football feilds.
* More dynamic transfers in master league (it is really hard to sell your not so good players)
* Sort out the comunication with the player in Master league(now if one starter is left out only one game he is already complaining)
* More options in editing kits (like more templates and ilimited number of images that you can import)
* Add national supercups
* the possibility of having all the players and teams of the game in master league (south american and unregistered players are left out in the previous editions); it seems that they are adding the brazilian and mexican leagues, i hope they are also an option on master league as copa libertadores should too
* Add the bundesliga, turkish, greek, russian and MLS (North America) leagues in the game
* We definitely need more faces.. not just famous players.. better faces , add tattoos , more hairstyles.
* Better master league , more clubs from Argentina , Chilе , Brazil.
* Barcelona B , Real Madrid Castilla , Espanyol B , Villareal B..
* Supercups
* Better movement when receving pass , shooting , make shooting more complex , so that u can score from every angle…
* Better Stadiums , Stamford Bridge , Etihad , Emirates..
There are so many possibilities , make the game larger , like 15GB better graphics , new engine , etc.. Take more time if you need but make the game very good , so that it doesn’t get boring when you play 1 – 2 seasons..
* 1st pls sort our the referees, getting fouls for the lightest touch just disturbs the flowing of the games, really frustrating.
* As in reall life have a coin toss between the cptns to see which side they’ll kick off first.
* Bring back the option of home and away games in friendly matches as the old versions of pes had.
* Coach mode is gr8 idea but needs working on, try and linking it more to football manager where you get more realistic feeling of managing a club, you should be allowed to make your subs during the game and change game styles.
* Further on I’m happy and pleased with pro, the best soccer game ever
* Bring back the trophy room
* Bring back the all-time scoring and assist lists
* A more exciting atmosphere in big matches and national derbys
* More diverse ceremonies of awards presentation, including awards for leagues and cups best players, scorers and assists leaders as also best team
* More diversity on what you can tell players when they come to talk to you
* Set roles for players (like starter, rotation…) so they know how much time they will probably play (when we sent a transfer proposition we could assign the role right away, and mid-season change it if we want to)
* National super cups(spanish super cup, community shield, suppecoppa italiana, german super cup, Trophée des champions, SuperTaça Cândido de Oliveira, Johan Cruijff-schaal, etc)
* Confederation cup (1 year before fifa world cup)
* Leagues from conmebol (argenitna, brazil, etc)
* Copa sudamericana and recopa sudamericana
* 3 kit (home, away, alternative)
* 2 division for all leagues (Not licensed)
* New graphics
* More skills(bridge, hocus pocus, mcgeady spin, and more)
more teams from UCL and UEL
* in BAL, we can demand our new kit number, not just choose from the available one
* in manager mode, the coach can switch to other teams after completing a season
* and the coach also get to be chosen to manage their own national team or any other
* and the most important, please improved your player switching mechanism(like we can actually give direction to which player that we want to switch)
* Indonesia National teams
* AFC CUP Teams
* LCA Teams
* 2 division Eredivisie
* Asian League
* more national team. Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore (hope all national team added)

1) You choose which Teams in master league you play with it in Friendlily Matches & put in them the best teams in World , Europe & Every League .
2) Make it possible to skip what the manager says ~ as it take alot of time ~.
3) In Become Alegend Mode when the player sub make watching the match from the sitting place of subs players & allow us to control him to walk & celebrate with the players when any player scores ~ that will make it looks more real ~

Make your PES 2013 Wishlist for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 below


  1. bueno espero que hagan un buen trabajo el pes 2012 me gusto por la solvencia y solides de los jugadores, muy real aunque un poco robotisado, bueno lo primero que deben mejorar son las definiciones de los jugadores que no es muy real, 2.-la manera de correr los jugadores, 3.-la manera en que cobran los tiros libres no es muy real, 4.-las lecciones de los jugadores, 5.-el sudor tiene que ser mas real y que se vea en todo momento, 6.-la manero de caerse de los jugadores, 7.-cuando los jugadores patean al arco no es muy real deben mejorar eso, 8.-la salida del portero tiene que ser mas real, 9.-cuando los jugadores salen al terreno deben saludarse y intercambiar las banderas como en el fútbol real, 10.-la manera en que los jugadores hacen los paces no es real no me gusta eso deben mejorarlo, 11.-los directores técnicos deben tener todas sus reales su vestuario, 12.-deben mejorar todo la realidad del juego, 13.-deben mejorar todo el sistema de juego, 14.-deben mejorar las faces de los jugadores si es mucho pedir que tiene que ser mas reales, si le aplican todo esto se lo aseguro que el juego tendrá mas fanáticos, claro con esto no estoy diciendo que no tiene fanáticos la konami siempre ah estado por encima de fifa se lo pido mejoren todo esto se los pido konami, te lo pido shingo seabass gracias…

  2. los directores tecnicos deben tener sus faces y su vestuario real 100% mejorenlo por favor se los pido

  3. – more animated goalkippers (like PES 6)
    – more animated ball (rotate or lob pass)
    – goal from all position
    – curved shut with (L2 or R2)

  4. Do like you did in become a legend in master league start in weak clb and climb in to bigger clubs

  5. Do like you did in become a legend in master league start in weak club and climb in to bigger clubs,more realistic tackles, better referee decisions,snowing and handball foul and indirect PES WOULD BEAT FIFA WITH MY TIPPS :) :)

  6. Do like you did in become a legend in master league start in weak club and climb in to bigger clubs,more realistic tackles, better referee decisions,real injuries ,snowing and handball foul and indirect PES WOULD BEAT FIFA WITH MY TIPPS :D :D <3

  7. Well, there are many points to improve in the next version. Some of them aren´t important like the licenses or other insignificant thing people here want. I prefer Konami improve the gamplay, i will list the improvements:
    1- Better goalkeepers, they are horrible!
    2- Our defense must be improved since rival defence is hardly imposible to pass while our defense doesn´t know how to block rivals and we can defende with only 2 players the other only see the action.
    3- similar to the previous point, the rival should make mistakes as they are hardly perfect, they rarely make some mistakes an it´s irreal while our players are constantly making mistakes.
    4- Better reacction of players, when you give a teammate a pass they somtimes wait the ball or doesn´t react immediately.
    5- Long passes must be improved, if I want to give a long pass to a teammate who is running, the majority of the times, he gives the pass to another player or gives a pass to a position which is imposible to catch the ball while there was a hollow.

    I could continue but these are the main suggestions.
    Hope Konami read our suggestions.

  8. better goalkeepers,better movement,more precise stats,real reactions,better ref decisions

  9. There should be better referees with more realistic reactions and each leagues referees have their kits made by different companies E.G english refs kits r made by umbro so things like that wud ad an even more realistic touch. More leagues like the bundesliga, bundesliga 2, all the english npower football leagues, turkish league, greek league etc. There should be more competitions like The F.A Cup,League Cup,super cups from countries all over the world. The trophy presentations should be brought back and should be as realistic as the real thing. All leagues and teams should be fully licensed with all three kits per team and bring back the mix and match option when selecting kits b4 kick off in the pre match menu.

  10. Can you make some tattoos for my BAL player in pes 2012 please?
    I don’t have any experience in making tattoos for pes 2012 BAL player?

    Thanks in advance

  11. if you could make the players wear their original boots in master league with original lineup without having to earn GP (game points)… that would be really appriciated. Please do something about this. PLEASE!!

  12. greek super league and all stadiums
    classic players with real names and faces
    If we make a substitution, and the player will get outside scores we have the opportunity to cancel the substitution


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