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PES 2013 Ultras RV-PESEdit 8 Patch Season 14/15


PES 2013 Ultras RV-PESEdit 8 Patch Season 14/15 by Abdallah Tamer

Patch Ultras RV – PesEdit 8 2014-15 Patch is the same features PesEdit 6 and GamePlay and tease the 2014-15 season, but updates and awesome features have been added to the Patch.

The patch features are the characteristics of the Egyptian league Patch Ultras Revolution Patch.

But Patch Ultras RV – PesEdit 8 2014-15 without Egyptian league teams because there are the likes of the game to be free of modifications and add patrols.

PES 2013 Ultras RV-PESEdit 8 Patch Season 14 15 by Abdallah Tamer

Features :

– Compatible with Konami Patch 1.4, DLC 6 updates.
– GamePlay the original game ‘PesEdit 6 GamePlay’.
– Add the emerging teams patrol the game.
– Full transfers for all teams and the game updated lists of teams and formations until 05/10/2014.
– Modernization of the energies of the game site by PSD.
– Renovation plans and lists of participating teams for the 2014 World Cup as the basic configurations.
– Add encouragements teams for each game.
– Updated the game crews for all teams and major leagues and the World Cup crews.
– Add input Ultras of the game for many teams such as: rial, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan and Juventus and the Reds and Dortmund and Paris.
– Interventions Barcelona and Real Madrid vary according to time and weather conditions.
– Add 47 new ball game and ball Pes 15.
– Add 81 new shoes for the game and the World Cup Shoes.
– Add all the faces of the European clubs and teams HD.
– Add Patch Achammarej to give enthusiasm for the game.
– Change of rulers crews World Cup referees for crews.
– Change the floors all stadiums with the latest HD floors.
– Maintain the original graphics of the game.
– Change‘s videos and the Champions League and the European Super and Almenyu of the game.
– Add styles hair for the first time for a new Mastrlij Be legend.
– Add the logo 10 for Real Madrid.
– Modernization of the formation of the Egyptian national team and team kits and add newer faces for professionals.
– Add glove keeper HD.
– Master League and Be a legend began 2013.
– Updated formations and 2014-15 UEFA Champions League teams.
– Add the Premier League class 2.
– Modernization of the European super match between Real Madrid and Seville.
– Add nationals Master Legg real game.
– Add sounds Pes 15 within the game.
– Patch contains many features and many leave you to discover them.



PES-2013-Ultras-RV-PESEdit-8-Patch-Season-14-15-by-Abdallah-Tamer PES-2013-Ultras-RV-PESEdit-8-Patch-Season-14-15-by-Abdallah-Tamer_2


  1. Hola consulta no me abre el pesedit.exe, tengo el net.framework y hasta le cambie la compatibilidad y no responde q puede ser?…gracias!

  2. Tienes que abrir el pesedit.exe en modo administrador si no no te funciona, por lo menos a mi me daba ese problema y cambie la configuracion para que abriera en modo administrador y funciono perfecto! espero que te ayude

  3. Hola si ya lo intente, y no funciona. Se q hay otra solución pero no recuerdo y m esta volviendo loco. Alguna otra sugerencia? Gracias


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