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PES 2013 Stadium switcher v1.0 by toxic_nova


PES 2013 Stadium switcher v1.0 by toxic_nova

With PES 2013 Stadium switcher you can change the stadiums.
The Kitserver is a must have for this tool.


I do not take over for damages caused by this Software. (except with intent caused damages)

This program is written with Delphi 6 Personal.
This software is completely for free. It is not allowed to receive any direct or
indirect compensation for this software.
All Rights stay with Borland Sofware Corp. and his partners.

user manual:
with the menu you have first to set the folders
1. select the Kitserver IMG folder where the stadiums should be copied
-e.g.: “C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\kitserver\example-root\img\”
-IMPORTANT: you have to choose the “img” folder
2. select the folder where you have your stadiums
-e.g.: “C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\kitserver\GDB\Stadiums\”
-the stadium folders should look like this: “[GER] München, Allianz Arena\dt07.img”
3. select the stadium you want to copy by checking the entry in right box
4. select the stadium you want to change
-if you choose “All Stadiums” this will take some time
5. click Accept Stadium and have fun (when all datas are copied you will hear a little beep)

here a little picture so that you can see how it have to be

and a videotuto:

You can also add a preview picture(preview.bmb) and a Info.txt.
The Picture can be .bmp or .jpg.
For the Info.txt I add an example(Info.txt).
Both should be added in the stadiumfolder. For the example I used above:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\kitserver\GDB\Stadiums\[GER]Allianz Arena, München\”

if you want you can save your settings…these settings will be load at restart

The Stadium switcher can only replace the stadiums that are placed in dt07.img. In other words: You can not replace José Zorilla, Estadio Municipal de Balaidos and Estadio Municipal de Riazor.

There is a little problem with the kitserver by using this tool. The Kitserver can only read files which are in the Kitserver IMG folder if they
are existing at PES startup. I know two solutions for this problem:
1. change the stadiums you want to change in your session befor you start PES. After this you can change this stadium while PES is running
(important is only that the files for the Stadium are in the IMG folder)
2. export the stadium files out of dt07.img in your kitserver IMG folder

If the stadium you want to overwrite is still running in background of PES2013, as example in menu background, then the Stadium switcher can not overwrite this stadium because the files are in use.
To solve this problem you should change the menu, maybe mainmenu, and try again or shut PES down, overwrite the stadium, and start PES again.
For the daily routine in competitions (ML, BaL) you should overwrite the stadium minimum a day before your game is.

A special thank goes to Juce, everyone who is working on Kitserver and all stadiummakers who compelled me to make this tool with their great work.




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