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PES 2013 Pro Team Patch Vol.1 New Year Patch 2018


Pro Team Patch V.1 For PES 2013

Download PES13 Pro Team Patch

Features :
New Transfers For New Year 2018
Update All Teams With New Faces And Kits
Add World Cup 2018 Russia
Original PES 2013 Gameplay
Add New Wonderful Graphic !
Update All Stadiums With New HD Grounds
Add New Balls 2018 As “PES 2018 Ball”
And More Find It Yourself

Download : Only One Link 937 MB !!


Password : PES PRO TEAM

Preview Video : https://youtu.be/VXVvMaZw5y0


Any Asks Write A Comment And Wait Me ^_^

Credit :
Hano Patch Maker
All Arabian PES Editors
PES-Patch.com Site


  1. Please share how to install this patch. Because I try your patch in my PC not detacted. Thanks

  2. first :
    go to my documents/konami/pro evolution soccer 13 , and delet save file
    go to ( option file ) file that with the patch , and copy save file and paste it in : my documents/konami/pro evolution soccer 13
    second :
    open ( pes pro team 2018 ) file and copy all files in it and paste it in the main game folder.
    NOTE : you must clear any patch from the game before this patch ^_^

  3. Hey man, can you send me two files from your patch? I’m needing this files: the folder “save” from Documents /// and kitserver13\GDB\balls\Adidas Euro 2016 France Winterball\ball.bin.
    Please answer in English language, cause i don’t know understand your language. Thanks. I’ll wait! Great patch!

  4. Patch excellent, there is only one thing that is giving error, every time I play the champions league and saved the game, and when I open the game again and do the load of my save the teams uniforms are all changed, would have a solution?

  5. friend I have a problem and is that I do everything right I have the 2013 clean I put the patch and the optionfile in documents but at the start of the game I get the shields of the teams of the premier league fitixios as the transfers do not come out that I can do

  6. Olá, Rodrigo. Você consegue jogar Rumo ao Estrelato nesse patch?
    Você poderia fazer o upload deste patch em torrent? Porque aqui eles estão corrompidos. Agradeço!

  7. هناك مشكلة اللعبة لم تتعرف على ملفات الاوبشن فايل ……

  8. error: unable to load because data is from different version
    download new contents to update data
    what does it mean? this error

  9. please save me a crash in master leaugue when the match steal in the beginiing please save me solution

  10. Dont work for me, say that patch is from other version. i try install 1.03 and 1.04 but nothing happen.

  11. من فضلك هل توجد طريقة لاستعادة الغرافيك العادي وشكرا

  12. Patch is excellent thankyou.
    For all who have the issue with “file from different version” error, you need to install all 4 official Konami patches first 1.01,1.02,1.03 & 1.04. Then download the DLC 6.0 file from the web, its dt something but I can’t remember which. paste that over the original and your version will now be “1.03 DLC 6.0” which is the most up to date version and more importantly the correct version for the patch. If you start the game, it should say 1.03 & DLC 6.0 on the press any button menu.
    It’s confusing as if you install all 4 patches (up to 1.04) it reads as 1.03 in the game but it 100% works. I struggled for a couple of hours or so earlier this week but it is now working.

  13. I have 1 question regarding gameplay tool and kitserver. Hopefully somebody can help me.

    I can see that both kitserver and gameplay tool folders are installed as part of patch, but only 1 can be attached to the exe is that correct? Currently it is kitserver, does that mean that gameplay tool will not work and any gameplay changes I make won’t take effect in game?

    What is best way to use ‘both’? Can I copy files across from kitserver to gameplay tool and attach gameplay tool to the exe? Will this allow me to use the patch/kits etc but also the gameplay tweaks?

    Thanks in advance

  14. Hi there,

    I have just installed the pro team patch for PES2013 which brings it up to 2017/18 season including winter transfers which is great.
    I am enjoying it but want to edit a few things but am struggling a little. I wasn’t really around the PES modding scene in 12/13 so have a bit of a knowledge gap.

    As part of the install I now have both kitserver and gameplay tool folders, they are both by Jenkey as far as I can tell and they look very similar structure wise.
    As far as I can work out, I can only attach 1 or the other to the game exe, currently it is kitserver. I would like to attach gameplay tool instead so that I can tweak the gameplay. It seems easy detach kitserver & attach gameplay tool, but I do then presumably I would lose all the kits, balls etc from the patch.

    Basically my question is, is gameplay tool just a newer/more feature rich version of kitserver? It appears to be very similar and I know you can add stadiums etc in the GMB folder in the same way as kitserver. If I were to attach gameplay tool to the exe and then copy across the contents of kitserver – kits, balls etc to the gameplay tool folder would that work? I would have to edit some txt/ini files to add in the dll files etc but is that the best way to get it working?
    If not, what is the easiest/best way?

    Finally, neither folder has a stadium folder by default and I have a few stadiums that I would like to add.
    Presuming I am going to be attaching the gameplay tool to the games exe file, is it as simple as adding the stadiums folder into the GMB folder inside gameplay tool and then setting up the map.txt file correctly?

    Thanks in advance



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