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PES 2013 Patch 1.04 & PES 2013 DLC 5.0


PES 2013 Patch 1.04 & DLC 5.00

PES 2013 Patch 1.04

PES 2013 Data Pack 5.0 and PES 2013 Patch 1.04 will update Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 with new items for Copa Libertadores and much more!

So let’s cut the chase and have a look at what you can expect from our new DLC! The Data Pack 5.0 will be released on the 25th of April, 2013, for PES 2013 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. It will update the Copa Libertadores mode and will bring many new items for the teams and players.

To make the football experience even more realistic, the players of each team will be updated to recreate Libertadores 2013: new kits, emblems, player additions as well as a new player list will come together with PES 2013 DLC 5.0. Moreover, the referee uniform, ball and emblem of the 38 main teams will be updated to the cup.

If it wasn’t enough, the new DLC will also feature Libertadores 2013 season added into PES 2013 as a new mode.

Stay tuned for the release of the PES 2013 Data Pack 5.0 and be ready to play with all the new players and uniforms!

* source : konami-pes2013.com



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