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PES 2013 BAL Editor v1.4 by OmarAhmed


PES 2013 BAL Editor v1.4 by OmarAhmed

Info :
You Can Edit You Become A Legend Player Abilities

Picture :

History :

-Add Set Max Stats And Positions Function
-Fix x64 System Problem
-Delete Option To Open & Save BAL File Decypted
-Add Option To Open & Save BAL File Decypted
-Fix Bug (Now Fit For All BAL Files)
-Edit Some Of Player Abilities
-First Realese

Dll Files (If Required) copy it to same program folder

Credits : Thanks For neogeo64 (Decrypt), [email protected] (x64 Fix), Barcafan (x64 Fix)


  1. Still position problem, since we can’t choose our own position from editor, we play as sub…please fix it

  2. We need a select positions buttons…once you load it it deletes all your positions…even then default one and the ones you acquired

  3. Thanks for the bal editor but i want SELECT THE POSITION!….1,2 max 3 position,not all or anithing,please FIX IT!.

  4. For those who have issues with the excessive Bench-Time in BAL mode, I’d suggest patience while the player evolves. Have in mind that you start as a 17yr young player. Also, you’re Team Work rating is still low – so the team mates will behave selfishly at the beginning. You can always simulate most of your matches until you reach 19yr, i.e. two seasons. Just be on those more important matches. I’d reckon, during those two years, that your player will be in, at least, 5 overall points better.
    Although, if you really want to be there during the rookie years, then the only suggestion I got is that you start your career with a good young player – just keep hitting back-and-forwards on the creation part until you got a ~70 overall player to start with.

  5. Those who have problem with play every time as a sub, u dont set it max value, put upto 90 or 95 then save ur bal file..
    Its will definitely work.
    My player transfer to barca after 1 year and full 90 min play. And in 1 year my player improve from 81 to 89 in pes league 1st year although i lost my position.
    So i recommend u guyz to recover ur position 1st.

  6. You must extract and copy the files to the “C:/Users/Documents/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2013/save” folder in order to use this editor

  7. how about special abilities .. worked well waiting to know what about special abilities and if i can change my name or shirt number :))

  8. i didn’t like it but now i need to delete the effects of it but i cant even if i deleted the program from the directory please tell me how to delete it because i want the positions back

  9. Unhandled exception

    Value of ‘210’ is not valid for ‘Value’. ‘Value’ should be between ‘Minimum’ and ‘Maximum’.

  10. ارجو الحل (لما بدخل علي become a legend اللعبه بتقف لما بعمل forward date


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