1. Hi how i can change model and collar, i change this option in editor but, in game collar & model remain the same as before operation i do accept and i do save, run as administrator but to no avail.Please for help friends

  2. you all can try to delete the edit.bin in your save( better have a backup first). I can edit the player and the players do change in the real game!!!!

  3. This certainly does not work. After changing a players Stats, hitting APPLY CHANGES then SAVING, and then I go into the game, and nothing has changed. The character’s stats remain the same. Is there something that I am doing wrong? Before it wasn’t saying at all, because of some error which says I don’t have access to the file dt04 but now it’s just not working when I save. What is going on?

  4. nothing change ingame stats.. can you fix this?? n can you add hidden skills, player development like stand/lasting etc?? like the ultimate editor has.. sorry for askin too much..

  5. Can you please make an option to correct all names ingame, for the classic teams and players and hidden players , as Adriano that sould be in Corinthians for example


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