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PES 2012 Turf Pack by Dr. Hany v1.0


PES 2012 Turf Pack by Dr. Hany v1.0

1-this turf pack includes all the day , evening , night , rainy turfs for all 31 stadiums except only the night and rainy turfs of “el monumental & mohamed luis ” (have smaller turf size than other stadiums” and ” guizepe meaza & burg stadium “to allow more variation of turfs
2-installs though installer just choose the “img” folder inside kitserver
3-include uninstaller if u decided to remove them to prevent any wrong delete of other kitserver files
4-the day and evening turfs are the original stadium turf with adjusted contrast , lighting and realistic colors “NO neon green turfs” .
5-the night and rainy turfs are not the original stadium turfs with completely changed lighting “u wil love night and rainy games” with preserved manager lines as they are unique for every stadium turf .
6-adjusted training turf “dark deep green grass” u will love it in free training mode and next releases will include new turfs for the in-game stadium editor.
7-these turfs are not replacement for other edited tufs but they are a good option if u play with original konami turfs for all/some stadiums but u still don’t like the lemon yellow day/evening konami turfs and/or the bad lighting in night/rainy turfs .

Instructions :

1-pack up all ur turf files inside dt07.img and move them to other location
2-run the installer
3-choose the img folder inside kitserver for example kitserver/example-root/img folder if u r not using any patches or “kitserver/pesedit/img” folder if u use pesedit patch , ect.
4-if u want to reuse some of ur previous edited turfs use the turf map to remove bin files inside dt07.img and then move ur packed turf data to dt07.img again
5-make sure u are not using other turf files with different names inside dt07.img ” for ex. unnamed_58.bin and new_58.bin “as neither of them will be shown in game

filesonic pes-patch.com download filejungle pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download


  1. please,make turfs for in gamestadium editor,i all ready try to put turfs that i like in dt08 folder but they went black….anyone kown why?


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