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PES 2012 Team Pack : African Nations + Stadium Pack + European Nations by Goalgerd and WENB


PES 2012 Team Pack

PES 2012 Team Pack : African Nations + Stadium Pack

Continuing on with our staggered release of team packs for UK BLES 01406, we have for you the unlicensed African Nations with corrected kits and names where applicable compliments of Goalgerd and his European Club Soccer Option File, which can be downloaded in full below:

Stadium Pack

Thanks to Klashman, we are proud to present a first Stadium Pack! This download features some imaginative work from the much respected community figure. A lovely blend found here that try’s to capture the look, atmosphere and all round vibe of a variety of stadium types found across all the globe. A splendid little addition to any PES2012 experience.

Simply click below to download these creations:

Installation Guide

1.) Make sure you have downloaded the WENB Base OF (below)

2.) Download the file onto your PC. You should end up with a .rar file. (You need a program called winrar to extract it)

3.) Right click the file and extract to desktop. You should have a folder called PS3.

4.) Put that folder onto a USB stick, and then insert the USB stick into your PS3.

5.) In the XMB (main screen when you start your PS3), go to the Game icon, and scroll to a folder called “Saved Data Utility (PS3)”.

6.) Enter the folder. You should see an icon in the folder which says “USB Device (Storage Media)”. Select it.

7.) All the files from the folder should appear. On each file press triangle, then select copy. Do this for every file.

8.) Once done, start the game

9.) Go to edit mode, and select the feature ‘Import’. Choose the file you need, and import it over the team within the game. For stadium import, simply import the files following the on screen instructions


PES2012 Team Pack : European Nations UPDATED


Okay, that is both South America and Africa conquered with Team Pack content compliments of Goalgerd’s magnificent European Club Soccer file, so let’s have a quick stop nearer home before heading off to Asia to complete the national team roster.

Yep, here we have for you the European National Team Pack which contains correct kit and player name data for the teams that require their “wrongs to be righted”

Download this latest addition that makes PES2012 that little more authentic in look below.

Installation Guide

1) Make sure you have downloaded the WENB Base OF
(same WENBOFUKBLES01406.rar posted above or here)

2) – 9) steps as above.

After Importing you can delete the exported files from your PS3 and then proceed to copy over another 20 files and repeat the process.

UK BLESCODE 01406 by Goalgerd

European Club Soccer includes the following leagues and teams
Premier League fully updated with players and kits
Ligue 1 fully updated players
Serie A fully updated players
La Liga fully updated players
Portugese Superliga fully updated with players and kits
Eredivise fully updated players

Bundesliga Teams

Bayer Leverkusen
Bayern Munich
Bor Dortmund
Bor Monchengladbach
Werder Bremen

Fully updated with players and kits

Uefa Champions League Teams
Bate Borisov
Viktoria Plzen

Europa League Teams
Lokomotiv Moscow
Metalist Kharkov
Shamrock Rovers
Red Bull Salzburg
Hapoel Tel Aviv
Steaua Bucharest

Fully updated with players and kits

Division 2 For Master League contains the following Championship Teams

Birmingham City
Brighton and Hove Albion
Cardiff City
Coventry City
Derby County
Ipswich Town
Leeds Utd
Leicester City
Notts Forrest
West Ham United

Fully updated with players and kits
National Teams fully updated with players and kits
Classic Teams fully updated with players and kits
Copa Libertadores Teams fully updated with players
Missing and Young players added for better Master League

Created Stadiums for more realistic League and Cups Play

Stadion Neder (Small Dutch teams)
New Industrial Stadium (All over Europe 15-25,000)
Estadio Cultural (Iberia, South East Europe, 55-75,000)
Cottage Stadium (Was Western European Small in PES 2011)
Europa Moderno (All over Europe 25-35,000)
Dynamic Arena (All over Europe but UK based 40-60,000)
Castle Stadium (Mix between velodrome and Inonu (50-60,000)
Central Road Stadium (UK 30-45,000)
Diverse Open Stadium(All over Europe 35,000-50,0000)
Celt Stadium (UK, Scottish, Irish, Portugesee stadium 1-5,000)
Western Europe Standard (UK, France, Scandinaiva etc.. 35-45,000)
Eastern Stadium (Changed, looks like Luzniki now)
Fussball Arena (Modern German, Swiss, Austrian Stadium)
Royal Olumpic Stadium (Based on Berlin stadium)
Massimino (Italian, added running track)
Stadio Monumental (South American Stadium)
Western Europe Small (UK, France, Scandinaiva etc.. 9-15,000)
Estadio Do Arte (Pretty much Braga’s stadium)

This file will also have gameplay tweaks(better and more realistic player stats) and corrected tactics for every team in the game

Klashman and Chimps with Quiffs are the best stat,tactics and gameplay experts in the PES Community so this file will be the best playing PES 2012 you can get on PS3


  1. I was wondering if anyone knows of a patch for PS3 that will work in AUSTRALIA? I have tried all on here and none of them have worked. Have had PES forever so know what i’m doing… just waiting for an Aussie version.

  2. Hi there thanx for the patch i really appreciate them most! is there any updates for BLES1407..?Please do..and can just copy those png files as if its compatible with my version?

  3. please can you tell me how can i make my pes 2012 all leagues original kits logos etc…. like premier league all leagues original etc… i hope you understand please help me i dont know how to do it it is My Pes 2012 is European version.

  4. i have uk bles-01406 and i do everything like your tutorial says but my ps3 does not recognise the data saying that is from a different version. anyone knows what is the problem?


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