1. This Stadium is awesome, the best of the bettest, but, stadium maker???
    i need a crowd fix, pleaseeeeeed, thank you …

  2. This all stadiums real maker is Superwagon & twich, but converter is me (odil24), sorry, I apologized(

  3. i have fire patch also and i cant support wit it with all of your stadium, i like how it looks with the 2011/2012 and i wish can help with that, please

  4. On both ends (North and South) of the staidum crowd is looking the wrong wy, anyone know how to fix this. Besides this glitch, everything is awesome!


  5. shame its a conversion from last years, because the pink around the pitch is horrific!!!

    Brilliant work otherwise though, though this year seems to have a bug, the crowd in the ‘Sir John Hall Stand’ are facing the wrong way :/ looks weird!
    Can it be fixed????

    Could anyone make another St James’ Park without the Pink???????


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