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PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.0 GOLD


PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.0 GOLD by Dido_SMoKE

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.0 GOLD


– Correct Names for everything.
– Correct emblems and flags for all teams.
– Bundesliga replaces PES league fake teams.
– Real Leagues in 2D league, choices:
(nPower, Liga adelante, 2.nd Bundesliga, serie B, Ligue 2, Eerste Divisie, Liga Orangina).
– No duplicated players.
– Updated transfers.
– Includes Konami exe 1.3 and DLC 2.0
– Unlocked all extras and max GP points.
– New style 3D HD emblems (Genko06) for most clubs.
– Added new balls.
– Added new boots.
– Added new faces.
– Added new teams.
– Updated incorrect kits.
– SMoKE full GDB folder
– 12 scoreboard styles to choose from.
– Complete 32 champions league teams.
– And much more…


Change Log

PES SMoKE Patch 4.5.0 GOLD (Full):
– included konami DLC 2.0
– updated balls.
– updated/added faces.
– new style 3D HD emblems (Genko06) for most clubs.
– fixed flamingo name in all languages.
– a lot of small fixes and tweaks.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.4.3 GOLD (Update only):
– Optimized team names for non english languages.
– Included FULL Liga orangina in 2D installer.
– updated/fixed some kits.
– updated/fixed some faces.
– updated kitserver files.
– fixed crystal palace emblem in nPower.
– updated some winter transfers.
– updated boots.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.4.2 GOLD (Update only):
– fixed Lille CL kits.
– fixed some teams crash.
– fixed malaga away kits.
– updated some kits.
– added more faces.
– updated some national flags.
– added new sponsors logo (Karom)

PES SMoKE Patch 4.4.1 GOLD (Update only):
– fixed 5 CL team kits.
– fixed crash caused by panama missing kits.
– fixed wales kits.
– corrected ajax kits.
– fixed Eerste Divisie emblems.
– fixed crashes caused by using incompatible slots.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.4 GOLD (Full):
– included konami update files 1.03
– fixed all champions league kits.
– updated/added a lot of kits.
– updated/added a lot of faces.
– added new teams: (flamengo)
– updated kitserver (added faceserver)
– tweaked 2D ligue 2 kits.
– removed (dummy) players from 2D ligue 2.
– updated some transfers.
– improved 2D serie B team squads.
– 2D teams kits in GDB folder instead of .bin
– re-linked kits for more stability.
– installer compatible with all windows languages.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.2.4 GOLD (Update only):
– canceled

PES SMoKE Patch 4.2.3 GOLD (Update only):
– fixed maninger crash in all 2D options.
– fixed kitserver (mix-up kits)
– fixed cote d’ivoire kits crash.
– fixed classic teams kits.
– fixed champions league kits (a couple will be fixed soon).
– tweaked 2D teams kits.
– fixed installer bug with non-English systems (error create file).

PES SMoKE Patch 4.2.2 GOLD (Update only):
– completed french 2D teams and rosters in 2D installer.
– reconstruct league structure/removed all duplicated teams.
– fixed Uruguay flag.
– updated/fixed some kits.
– corrected most serie B squad attributes.
– added some missing players.
– fixed Eerste Divisie emblems.
– fixed some misspelled names.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.2.1 GOLD (Update only):
– fixed Chelsea kits.
– removed duplicated team in others.
– updated kitserver to 12.1.3
– updated EURO 2012 Ball.
– fixed 2D teams that made the game crash.
– fixed mix-up in the 2D installer.
– updated some kits.
– updated/added some faces.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.2 GOLD (Full):
– Fixed names of 2D teams in all languages.
– Added (Liga Orangina) in the 2D installer.
– Correct stadium names for all teams.
– Correct kits for 2D 4 leagues (NPower, Serie A, Bundeslig, liga adelente)
– Corrected a lot of wrong names.
– Reconstructed the patch files.
– Updated kitserver files to 12.1.1
– Added SMoKE full GDB folder.
– Removed added team chants due to volume difference.
– Added Dutch League Scoreboard to scoreboard installer.
– Updated some kits.
– Named bins in img folders.
– Added new faces
– Updated balls.
– Removed some duplicated players.
– Some minor tweaks.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.1.1 GOLD (Update only):
– Fixed some some faces.
– Added (Ligue 2 and Eerste Divisie) in the 2D installer.
– Updated some kits.
– Some other fixes.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.1 GOLD (Full and Update):
– Added konami exe 1.2.
– Updated kitserver files.
– Fixed 2D leagues flags.
– Added (Serie B) in the 2D installer.
– Added SMoKE national emblems.
– Added more libertadores teams in exhibition mode.
– Fixes (dummy) players.
– Fixed some kits.
– Fixed some stadiums (had some missing files).
– Some other fixes.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.0 GOLD (Full):
– First release.


1. Unrar files.
2. run (Setup 4.5.exe) and choose Install.
3. choose a scoreboard style and second division league.

* no previous versions needed.
* no konami updates needed.
* recommend removing any previous versions for disk space.
* running the game as admin might be required.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch FULL 4.5 GOLD installer Download:

filepost pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download
filepost pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download

Tested on:

– Windows XP SP2
– Windows XP SP3
– Windows Vista 32/64 bit
– Windows 7 32/64 bit

* PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5 GOLD FULL VERSION – no need for previous versions


  1. I have some problem with previous version of this patch…when i edit player,teams or something else,and when i switch another second division,everything is back in previous stage and i must edit all again…Is this problem fixed in this version of patch??? Tnx

  2. NEED HELP. downloaded this patch but wont open now or do anything and asks for programme to use to open it or let internet open automatic which also does nothing, any help?

  3. I have problem,when i switch league everything that i edit(player,teams…) is back to previous stage!! Can you tell me what i should do??? tnx

  4. I installed this successfully. Kits & Names have changed successfully! But squads have changed,some players are missing & many dummy players are there. England International goalkeeper is Andy Carroll! Joe Hart is nowhere to be found! Help me with these! I installed Smoke’s patch for PES 2011 & it worked like a charm!

  5. hey guys, remove old patch, remove all the pes2012 and install it again and then install the patch. then it will work

  6. @panayiotis, u want us 2 reinstall the whole game ? wat about the updates i mean the PES 2012 DLC 2.0 and stuff ?

  7. I’ve uninstalled the whole game and removed its content, then installed this patch, however there are still many dummy faces (like gray skin no eyes etc) hopefully fixed in the next update coz ur doing a good job otherwise!! :)

  8. PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.1 GOLD
    UPDATE VERSION – install full 4.5 before this update

    Change Log:
    – updated winter transfer.
    – updated/added/fixed faces.
    – updated/fixed kits.
    – created Southampton in nPower 2D.

    Release: 31.Jan.2012

  9. not sure about the full Eerste Divisie, i cannot find proper GDB kits so far, if you find any contact me.

  10. SMoKE follows you so: the PES 2011 Patch 1.5 by razib-46 were kits the Eerste Divisie, can you help somehow, for me the patch as for now the best, you might even add a few teams to Europe and Others do, instead of the Copa Libertadores League European and may even grasslands in HD with regards,

  11. where did Kaka and Benzema go? there arent in the real or even in the sub..how is this even possible? the patch decided that they arent important and erased them?????

  12. Hi! This patch is beautiful! You are going to catapult some more final version of the patch with the new transfers? : D

  13. PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.1 GOLD
    UPDATE VERSION – install full 4.5 before this update

    Change Log:
    – updated winter transfer.
    – updated/added/fixed faces.
    – updated/fixed kits.
    – created Southampton in nPower 2D.
    – added real referee faces.
    – updated balls.
    – some other fixes.

  14. I want to modify faces and hairs of James Rodriguez and Alvaro Pereira of FC Porto but i can’t

    please help

  15. Can someone help me? I had the patch and everything was good, then I saw there was an update, so I updated my game. And then I realised some players became gray (skin colour) and had no hair and all their names were “dummy” I don’t know if I have to uninstall the patch and then re-installing it … Can someone help?

  16. hey man i have a big problem with ur patch i just downloaded the patch and update and i installed them but the most of playeres dont have the name and dont have the face and bady plzzzzz help meee :(( !

  17. I can’t uninstall the patch, I want to install the newer version but I can’t uninstall 4.5.0 . Can someone help plz?


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