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[PES 2012] ProGamerZ FINAL Patch Update v1


[PES 2012] ProGamerZ FINAL Patch Update v1

[PES 2012] ProGamerZ FINAL Patch Update v1

The Update v.1 of the FINAL version for PES 2012 from ProGamerZ.Gr is here! The following patch includes:


  • Corrected stats for all the players.
  • New transfers till 6/3/12.
  • Updated “Laiki Trapeza League” with new logo.
  • 250+ new 3D faces for Superleague and other leagues.
  • New realistic camera.
  • Corrected kits for all the teams.
  • Updated HQ NOVASPORTS and NET scoreboard according to the last updates.
  • New HD turfs for all the stadiums.
  • New 3D stadium “Karaiskakis” with HD turf and lightmaps.
  • New 3D stadium  “Κλεάνθης Βικελίδης” with HD turf and lightmaps.
  • New 3D stadium  “Γεντί Κουλέ” with HD turf and lightmaps.
  • New turf in OAKA.
  • Fixed bug in AEL ARENA.
  • New 3D stadium “La Bombonera”  with HD turf and lightmaps.
  • Updated Toumba Stadium with new turf.
  • New coreo in some stadiums (Juventus Arena,Giuseppe Meazza).
  • New wallpapers.
  • Updated song list.
  • New HQ graphics instead of maps.
  • Corrected ProGamerZ.Gr Switcher
  • New HD balls.
  • New chants.
  • Compatibility with DLC 3.00.
  • Updated Kitserver modules.

-Project Leaders-
Mitsaras4, .::kostas::., SundayLover, TheSlayer, stefz0r

-Option file and Database System-
Mitsaras4 , .::kostas::., Anorthosisfc, SundayLover, PESEdit.com

Anorthosisfc, Mitsaras4 , Antonic, SundayLover, stefz0r, Çhяìstös, TheSlayer, green_w0lf

Çhяìstös, Anorthosisfc, argypaok, .::kostas::., Antonic, kostas212, Σωτηράκης, Jordi, -Gazor-,  .:Jontho:., Matrix Team, PESEdit.com

pesfaces.co.uk, Σωτηράκης, Adam99, alex13, Djtony, BlackRider1993, Cigman, godra94, HD3011, Joesitoh, Josemigol,
Kevski1991, locoloco, Onny, MichalGrau, Poncho0212, Starkiller , teiker17, ElNino9, dato1988ts, Agiga, ReZtart, AnatZ, tbvsac, Tunizizou, nickless,  andyli00, Facundo

SundayLover,  -Lavdakos-, johnnytrs,  twich, Ema1993

argypaok,  Mitsaras4 , SundayLover, .::Nikoc::.

Football Manager 2011/2012

-Μητσάρας-, SundayLover

Antonic, Ραφαήλ, SundayLover, TheSlayer, stefz0r, .::Dimitric::.,  .::Nikoc::., chris_aris, Stavrello M, .::Pyrros::.,Μιχάληs, kostas212

This patch is supported by  byteme.gr

Credits to: hany3, PEStinatoR, milan84, stranxk, KO,Hawke, PrettyMarlon, Th3Sc0St1L3R, Omar Ahmed, MxSoNiC, ezosk, enzo, Tottimas, xpertvision, drunkr, vantrung1408, barcafan, juce, obocaman, NeC, [email protected], jenkey1002, BlackMagic10, -Panos-, starmann65, Hicksville, 羽化菩提, Fenomeno_10, GENKO06, PESCyprus.net, yair25, Marco_Unico, Jovan, milosh-96, Joseph77, -cave, Chingoedw, SKILLS_ROONEY, cheiroun, mota10, Enzo))7((





All Rights Reserved to ProGamerZ.Gr© 2012 
It requires new DLC 3.00 and the FINAL Patch!


  1. which file is the Santiago Bernabeu on the screen when it goes in the formation of teams like the pictures?

  2. can someone explain to me how I’m going to take off this patch does not download anywhere?

  3. dont work for me…when i install patch,i could see some mistake…they wrote that i need PES.dll…??????

  4. hi this is yacine
    could any help me in this
    i have pes 2011and i want to get a patch of 2012
    how can i do that
    thanks a lot


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