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[PES 2012] PesEurope Patch 0.1 (Beta)


[PES 2012] PesEurope Patch 0.1 (Beta)

Finally our beta 0.1 version is ready for download!

The contains:

* Full licensed Barclays Premier League. (Updated kits, faces, logos etc.)
* Full licensed Ligue 1. (Updated kits, faces, logos etc.)
* Full licensed Serie A. (Updated kits, faces, logos etc.)
* Full licensed Eredivisie. (Updated kits, faces, logos etc.)
* Full licensed Liga BBVA. (Updated kits, faces, logos etc.)
* Full licensed Liga Sagres. (Updated kits, faces, logos etc.)
* Full licensed Bundesliga. (Updated kits, faces, logos etc.)
* Full licensed N Power Championship. (Updated kits, faces, logos etc.)
* Full licensed National Teams. (Updated kits, faces, logos etc.)

* Updated stats for all the players.

* New 3D Stadiums. (Anfield Road, Stamford Bridge, Emirates Stadium, City Of Manchester)

* New Emblems.
* New Graphics. (Backgrounds, banners, adboards etc.)

* New Balls for each league.
* New Boots.

* New Songs in menus.

* New Commentary features.

* New Animation and improved gameplay.
* New Camera.

* Seperated .exe and kitserver files, to be able to have other patches too.

Works with 1.03 and 2.00 updates.



Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

How to Install:

1- Extract all the 5 parts.
2- Run the first installer called “PesEurope Patch V 0.1 (Beta) Patch”.
3- Run the second installer called “PesEurope Patch V 0.1 OF”.
4- Launch the game from the shortcut on your desktop.


Special thanks to pesstatsdatabase and their patch.

Iron,Teiker17, GFBemre1907,IIc3s4rII, adam13,M4rtinZ, anadyr, NATHAN, Ti4go, ilhan, sheridans, g.p.l., Facundo, Leirbag7 and Eliel, shamrik gunners, DAMN, Leirbag7, vantrung1408, ZIKRI13,Kakakamal09, Lucas_casla,CFACF,ema1993,Rednik,Ron69, Tottimas, edxz101, dona1995,cheiron,NATHAN,enzo7,Ch?istos,yair25,will,mota10,Darcoolio,,jordi, Dr. Hany, Jhonalex031392,dark nero,SKILLS_ROONEY,ROBERTKRATOSMX,BosekDrums,[email protected] Extreme,Eslam Extreme,Looord Extreme,Bogaa Extreme, Ahlawy Extreme, XboXe,Lukas,omar, FaRrUkO, gl3ni,edxz101,yair25, jenkey1002

More info – www.peseurope.com


  1. Just two questions: Does Rooney have the stats just like on pesstatsdatabase? If so, do you really think it’s justified stats? Second, speaking of PSD, why in the name of God Valencia can’t play RWF (classic winger)and Giggs LWF? Please explain that. Cheers.

  2. in my pes this patch doesnt’t work and in premier league is london fc,etc.what i can do about this?

  3. thank you man you are the best
    espicially the green turf is the better and the gameplay fantastic
    i am waiting for the update 3.00 tomorrow
    only one question : can you please send OF with Konami state please please


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