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PES 2012 Money ML 1.0 by MxSoNiC


PES 2012 Money ML

PES 2012 Money ML 1.0 by MxSoNiC :

Tool for PES 2012 – set Money in your ML File

supported platforms:
1. PC only

features Settings:
1. set GP Points

1. installed .NET Framework (at least version 4.0)

how to use:
1. open FLxx.bin
2. change your Money
3. push “accept” and “save” Button

thanks to:
big thanks to neogeo64, Master goldorakiller, Master [email protected] and Master Ariel

download PES 2012 Money Master League 1.0 by MxSoNiC:

PES 2012 Money Master League


  1. its easy guys
    FLxx.bin Fl = football life xx = the number of your football life save file

    so you gonna open your football life save bin which is located in this destination C:\Users\”your computer name”\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\save

    and then u can change your money and have fun :)

  2. okay, but how I must save bin fail in FL? at me it does not succeed. I have tried at setting, but not flxx.bin.help me plz.

  3. first you must do new master league , than save, exit game

    than you opem ml money editor, and u can find fixx.bin on document/konami/save

  4. Thanks, brother.

    This 3.6 million Master League starting budget is a joke.

    I just took out a loan.

  5. can you also plz make chairman rating hack? it is annoying that you get fired if it hits 0. I don’t want fkn chairman in this game.

  6. Please, someone help me! I did what you guys said exactly. after downloading this patch, I created a new master league and saved it. After that, I opened Master League Money patch and it is still unable to find the FL04 file although I can see it when I open KONAMI/save…pls help

  7. hi can any1 help me, i need a patch for more money on online master league on pes 2012 on xbox 360, please email me.


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