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PES 2012 ML and BaL editor v1.03


In this Editor for PES2012 you can edit ML and BaL rates :)
When you download this editor check this picture because editor is on chinese
but on picture is showed on english :) Enjoy!




  1. On right side there is S(Number) and P(Number) on pictures is for example F04 S04 and you must do right that or your player will be very slow :S

  2. OK, got it…You’ll have to change everything into 99 or you change the value which is more than 99, your player will become very slow…

  3. to set English in this editor you need to open OPTION.ini and make this change LanguageFile=English.txt
    you don’t even need this file.

  4. Can you help me out with this problem. When I finish with editing my player in BAL I start the game and his body is all gray, can you tell me whats the prob ?

  5. anyone…please…after i load the Fl01.bin…the program crash…please help!..please..please..please

  6. Where do i find EDIT.bin or do I have to rename a file from My Documents / KONAMI / Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 / Save / i tried to rename all of them but i get an error saying that the file is not PES 2012 save or file is corrupt.

  7. KK, may be you changed it’s nationality. The best way to fixed it is making a new player again.

    Riz, may be it happened when you change the DLC version or the official patch version to a newer one.

    Eima, if in your save folder the EDIT.bin doesn’t exist try to do edit in edit menu in the game. After editing save your editing then quit the game. The EDIT.bin should inside the save folder.

    Hope it all helps.

  8. The picture helps, but I can’t tell what I am doing when you press the transfer button (near bottom right). You did not provide an image for that screen.

    But otherwise, perfectly functioning, thank you.

  9. Hey guys whats up i have a big problem here,so just read carafully to what am goanna say.I CANT FIND THE STUPID THING OF EDIT BIN OR WHAT EVER ITS CALLED HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP,I ALRWADY WACHED A BUNCH OF VIDEOS

  10. game crashes after saving fl01 ……..pls pls help……else its gr8…….
    ***** 5 strs fr u…………..


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