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[PES 2012] Celebracion Champions Real Madrid by SECUN1972


Celebracion Champions Real Madrid
más petardos más We are the champions pes 2012 by SECUN1972

celebration of the Real Madrid in Champions pes 2012 pc for all the computers. mixed by me. Canal+ more somos los Campeones. Only Real Madrid.

The recording with the fraps the sound is heard more delayed, sound when copa,bone in the game you hear and see perfect.


Open the GGS,you are looking for the img folder original game, select the file dt01.img and open it, you are looking for the unnamed_44.bin and you give to “replace the files” (right mouse over the unnamed_44.bin) you are looking for my file unnamed_44.bin of my download,os will come out a message that if you want to change it,you give that if and when this will tell you that has already been replaced, you close the GGS and enjoy.


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