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PES 2012 Camera Settings 1.3.2 by MxSoNiC


PES 2012 Camera Settings 1.3.0 by MxSoNiC

Tool for PES 2012 Camera Settings.

supported platforms:
1. PC only

features Settings:
1. change Camera Position ( Height, near Side and far Side )
2. change Camera Angle
3. change Camera Angle Modulator
4. enable or disable Replays
5. import PES 2010 Camera Types
6. import PES 2011 Camera Types

1. installed .NET Framework (at least version 4.0)

how to use:
1. open PES 2012 EXE File
2. change your settinngs
3. push “accept” Button
4. save PES 2012 EXE File

thanks to:
PSO Edit Team, Juce, Ariel, jenckey, carby, moddingway Team, pescorner Team

filesonic pes-patch.com download filejungle pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download


  1. thanks for the tool but i can’t get it to work… when i load the 1.03 exe (original of course) and try to change the replay settings, the boxes are not selectable (greyed out). just me or same for everyone else? thanks.

  2. in other words, the camera settings seem changeable, but not the REPLAY tab. anyone else able to change the Replay Settings?

  3. Please help me…. i odwn loaded camera settings 1.3.2 MxSoNiC but i always receive the message ” access path Program files x86 denied” . What should i do ??


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