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PES 2012 Announcement Soon from Jon Murphy


PES 2012 Announcement Soon from Jon Murphy :

Seabass will explain more soon. I’ll Tweet a few times before then, but can’t give too much away!

Believe me the AI is great in all areas. Real progress all over the pitch.

Thanks for all the welcome backs.

In the meantime, I’ve just got new PES2012 code. Awesome, awesome gameplay. AI fantastic. More soon…


  1. Can anyone recall and tell me which year they didnt say the same thing ? improved AI , better overall … AGAIN !!? John Murphy is working for them, wat u expect him to say otherwise ?


  2. @Prateek Then play Fifa11, they have a goalkeeper-version.
    I hope it will be a bit better again, Pes2012. But I was pleasantly surprised with Pes2011.

  3. I’m Still not happy with UEFA Europa League we need this mod to play on the menu. EX: Create you own teams you choose on the Group Stages, the teams as been in 3rd place on Champions League etc…
    Why KONAMI don´t improve the last update patch for AI on PES 2011 is only necessary to not destroy this game.


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