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PES 2012 Adboards by Baxter


PES 2012 Adboards by Baxter

Santiago Bernabeu (credits to WECN, I only assembled them, updated to matches played by Real Madrid on 18/02/2012 and 04/03/2012 expect “all real madrid” but I can’t make adidas F50 new adboards)

Camp Nou(credits to

Etihad Stadium (made by me, except “Get on the ref” and “Thomas Cook” found in this archive, updated to matches played by Manchester City on 25/02/2012, 03/03/2012 and 21/03/2012)

Stadio San Paolo (according to image’s name, author of adboards is called mastiffs1989, I found his work googling “San Paolo adboards”)

Stade Louis II (credits to kemo man, I used his HSBC, Fedcominvest and Solo Italia)

Türk Telekom Arena (made by me except “Turkish Airlines” and Turk Telekom made by ArDa_TuRaN, updated to matches played by Galatasaray on 10/03/2012)

Estadio Azteca (made by me, updated to matches played by Club America on 04/03/2012 and 18/03/2012)

Estadio Omnilife (made by me, updated to matches played by Chivas on 26/02/2012 and 10/03/2012)

Seoul World Cup Stadium (fantasy, adboards created by marthchyld, I only assembled them)

Beijing National Stadium (fantasy, I assembled chinese adboards created by WECN)

Stamford Bridge (credits to rendasch for “Samsung” & “Samsung Smart TV” and to robertkratosmx for others, I only assembled and fixed their adboards, updated to matches played by Chelsea on 05/02/2012, 25/02/2012, 10/03/2012 and 24/03/2012)

Emirates Stadium (made by me, updated to matches played by Arsenal on 26/02/2012, 12/03/2012, 24/03/2012 and 08/04/2012)

Quick tutorial:
if you use Emirates Stadium by ema1993, open unnamed_2530.bin with GGS and replace first texture.

here is a tutorial.

If you need to find the bin:

If you use Stadium Server, follow PES 2011 map and check “Global Textures” column

If you don’t use Stadium Server (so you replaced a PES 2012 stadium) check “Global Textures” column’s first file

For example, Emirates by ema1993 replaces PES2012’s Ville Marie, so following PES2012 map you should edit bin 2530.

After you found correct bin:

If your stadium’s bin already have adboard texture, simply replace it with Game Graphic Studio or another editor.
If the stadium doesn’t have the adboard texture, create it following Jenkey’s tutorial:

* Open correct file (following map, like I wrote before) with PES IMG Explorer (run it as administrator)
* Left click and then right click on Block_1, then click “Add block before” following first image of tutorial
* Left click on new created Block_1, click Hex Editor and write EC2C following second image of tutorial, then press ✔
* Click on “Picture” tab, then “Import” button and import adboard texture, then press ✔ (or alternatively you can use GGS or another editor, but since you are running PES IMG Explorer, just use it).
* Save file.


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