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PES 2011 Ultimate Stadium Patch


This add-on replaces all the fake stadiums in the game.

I haven’t created the stadiums. I only changed their .bin names so that every fake stadium can be replaced. I created a real previews for all the news stadiums + real intros for all of them.

To install: Copy and paste the files from the patch to dt06.img and dt07.img

For the previews you must use Game Graphic Studio. There are instructions in the patch.

The stadiums are:

* Emirates by Jenkey1002 – replaces Stade de Sagittairre
* Signal Iduna Park by Superwagon – replaces Bristol Mary
* Stadio Olimpico Di Torino by mcdyn – replaces Amazonas
* Turk Telekom Arena by Hasan Aktas – replaces Estadio Palenque
* City of Manchester by Jenkey1002 – replaces Nuevo Triunfo
* Stamford Bridge by Jenkey1002 – replaces Stadio Orione
* Allianz Arena by Jenkey1002 – replaces Ville Marie
* Mineirao by Eduardocru10 – replaces Escorpiao
* Stade De gerland by colless – replaces Villa park
* Alejandro Villanueva (Allianza Lima) by ema1993 – replaces Mohamed Lewis

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  1. can u make HD turf for Stadio Olimpico Di Torino by mcdyn.Mcdyn has a another Stadio Olimpico Di Torino with HD turfs but its bad really bad thx.

  2. hello someone..please tell me how to use this thing..i don’t understand the method..u said copy and paste it..but in what?i know it’s in kitserver but i really don’t know it..please somebody!!!

  3. I want to have the preview but I can’t get it work, even if i put the .png’s in dt06.img :( How to do ?

  4. dt06.img in dt06.img… dt07.img in dt07.img… then you need to edit unnamed_1401.bin from dt06.img with Game Graphic Studio if you want to have the correct previews from the stadiums.

  5. Some terrible turfs in this pack. Some of these stadiums need more work..others are great.

  6. Is the Juventus stadium, Stadio Olimpico Torino or Stadio Delle Alpi?! I don’t want to waste my time downloading it if you guys are misleading. Bec frm what i know mcdyn mistook it for Stadio Olimpico Torino for Delle Alpi. Please be clear, thanks.

  7. Guys please help me,i edited the unnamed_1401.bin file using GGS and imported the stadium images(previews) later i closed GGS and started game,however i could not see the pictures in the stadium previews,then i quit the game and i reopened unnamed_1401.img,i could see the new images there,is theere something that i have missed ,pls help


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