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PES 2011 Ultimate Data Explorer v2.6.0 by barcafan


Program is aimed to enhance the convenience of editing .bin and .img files of PES.

The main features:
– Edit files and blocks in the HEX mode without using zlib / unzlib
– Import and export blocks of unnamed_ *. bin files
– Edit *. img files by import and export unnamed_*.bin
– Interface similar to GGS

Additional libraries used in this tool:
– ZLIB.NET [Copyright (c) 2006-2007, ComponentAce http://www.componentace.com]
– HexBox

Version 2.6.0:
– More extensive information about the images
– Support the drag & drop for opening files and images
– Copy and paste the texture units of the DPOW sections
– Copy and paste table elements of UV-coordinates and the coordinates of the surface
– Improved display of 3D surfaces
– Quick information about the blocks and textures to which they refer
– Support of the windows open with technique



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