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PES 2011 – The Scottish Option File by Tornado


All English Premier League teams (with Kit and PNGs courtesy of JackWhoBRA).

All Scottish Premier League teams; all Scottish First Division teams; all Scottish Second Division teams – all kits by me and the majority of PNGS too except for some PNGs by Santi Argento (Falkirk, Aberdeen, Hearts; some others I adapted such as Ayr Utd).

Serie A team Palermo kits done (by JackWho) and La Liga teams Hercules, Levante, Malaga, Osasuna, Sevilla & Real Sociedad kits done (by JackWho).

Latest EPL and Scottish transfers (January window) and a handful of European transfers done.

Loads of created players for Scottish teams (all SPL (eg. Jeffers and Vaz Te) and Division 1 appearances are done and, so far, Airdrie, Alloa and Ayr from the 2nd Division are done – work in progress…

I haven’t created new players for EPL teams because there will be a Konami update soon, no doubt (although Pires and Dzeko are in there). I have created all missing Scottish team players, however.

With the exception of Scotland, N. Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Wales and England I haven’t touched International teams (yet). Wales have all-new kits and all players and formations from the most recent games are present and correct.

SPL formations are current, EPL formations are not.

I’ve created some stadia which are quite basic but are serviceable. Easter road is courtesy of Rocksteadyeddie on PES Fan).

I only started this OF at the end of December so I don’t claim that it is exhaustive; if there any omissions please feel free to let me know and I’ll fix things for any future updates.


  1. hello … great job .. first of all I wanted to ask you this … I also had created the Scottish Premier League but I stopped in December and I have not touched the edit … I wanted to ask if I could only use your Scottish Premier League in my patch (which is on New Ice Patch pes-patch) with related credit for you …. would you do me a big favor giving me your approval ……. waiting for an answer … thank you very much. ..:)

  2. Just thought I’d ask before download – Is the league and team ranking edited? I currently have the PESUK patch which is good, only it has the SPL at the top of the league rankings meaning 4 champ league spots (if only!!). Im not sure if there is a tool out there to change this yet but thought id ask?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!!


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