1. heya smoke… introduce me, i’m thomas from indonesia… i’ve been using the patch you made since 2 months ago. and i’m so happy, because there’s no problem with your patch, so many kits are right, and many more… one thing that i want for you is techfit. if you can please make it to your next patch… by the way we can share many things about pes, i wonder you have a facebook, so we can share… :)
    ok smoke see ya’

  2. HEY mate..ven u ll make it compatible with all the dlc`s ….plzz do add some tatoos on d players + make it to 60 boots please….its a great patch ..and u did a gr8 job ..it can be more stunnin if u add these contents ..thanks m8…….

  3. Will someone answer me, please, “Do I need to install the konami update 1.02 or is it installed by installing smoke 3.1”

  4. at ivan800..no updates are needed for smoke patch….not even the 1st one justinstall the game and then install d patch..

  5. Smoke, I’m having a problem with the kits and emblems. Arsenal is called arsenal and the shirt is red, but it’s not the same as the real one, nor its emblem is correct. Moreover, when I put “attach pes2011.exe” in the manager file this will pop up: GAME EXE: ERROR! Setup failed to install Kitserver 2011 for pes.exe

    Help me please!

  6. Hi … I’m having the same problem as Matteo… pls help us. Many thanks. Merry X’mas to all of you

  7. be sure that no one get any (directX missing file), this means kitserver is not working, read the trouble shooting file included in the patch 3.0

  8. matteo and deepbluez: click with right button to manager.exe then click “run as administrator”. I’m not sure but maybe this will fix the problem.

    Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me.

  9. great patch smoke!! ever wonder can u include Malaysia team in your next pes 2011 update? kindly appreciate it if you do.. many2 thanks!!! youre the man…


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