1. brilliant scoreboard
    its almost as perfect as the one we see on TV
    what is missing to have an absolute perfection is the same shirt icons but i dont know whether its possible to add them a bit like fifa did on their scoreboard as it can be seen on youtube
    if need be just type arsenal chelsea fifa11 there and you might find what im talking albout
    thanks in advance

  2. @ josedratewka.
    1. on bundesliga sb v2.5.1, you can’t replace tv logo.
    i’ll upgrade the version where you might replace tv logo by another you want next time.
    2. sorry about that. the mechanism of the replay logo is not mine. only graphic part is mine. i can’t fix it. if you don’t like it, replace unnamed_1458 & 1459 by another you want.

  3. marth chyld why don’t you make LigaBBWA Scoreboard you have made serie a epl bundesliga and they are the best and the most realistic. please make it and maybe other big leagues’s scoreboards if you have time . Sorry for my English :) and bothering but Exactly you are the best that I see


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