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PES 2011 PES SMoKE Patch 3.0


Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PES SMoKE Patch 3.0

Some of the Features:

– Real Names for everything.
– Correct emblems and flags for all teams.
– Bundesliga replaces PES league fake teams.
– Championship teams replaces fake teams in 2D league.
– No duplicated players.
– Special Chants for some teams.
– New Faces for lots of players.
– Correct kits for almost all teams.
– Finished transfers.
– All teams are fully editable.
– New classic players in hidden players.
– Most trainers are famouse classic players.
– 2 new teams replaces 2 fake teams.
– Complete 32 champions league teams including 4 missing teams.
– And much much more…

* Starting a new saves is recommended.


Installation (ON A NEW COPY OF PES):
**all steps are required**

1. Decompress the file (extract only one part, all parts will be be extracted in the same place)

2. Copy (EDIT01.bin) and (OPTION.bin) from the save folder in the patch to the SAVE folder of the game, should be (C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\save), replace old files if it asks.

3. Copy and replace (pes2011.exe) and (rld.dll) from the Exe files folder in the patch to the game folder of the game, should be (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011), replace old file if it asks.

4. Copy the kitserver folder in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 installation folder, should be: (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011), then open the kitserver folder and run manager.exe then click attach, then close.

P.S.: Directories are the ones by default installation, if you have changed the defaults use your directories.

P.S.: Do not update the game after installing the patch.

Change log:

PES SMoKE Patch 3.0 (full):

– First release


  1. not correct classic players names or correct emblems or names for div2/championship not a very good patch at all and as said already doesnt work with 1.2 update waste of time really

  2. at last!
    I was fearing this year there would be no Smoke Patch releases!
    No more lame patches, smoke’s here!!!

  3. you must reinstall the game before (as it always was with smoke patch).
    and of course, don’t update it after…this is not an official release so…stop and think for a couple of seconds!

  4. acest patch mi-a stricat jocul , aveam un patch instalat care imi facuse embleme la echipe si numele acestora ca in realitate , am instalat acest patch si mi-a stricat jocul . in anglia , toate echipele sunt sub alt nume si au alte embleme , ce pot sa fac sa revin la emblemele adevarate ? ? ?

  5. This patch ruined my game, I installed a patch that I had made the team logo and name them as in reality, I installed this patch and my game broke. in England, all teams are under a different name and have other signs, what can I do to return to the true emblems? ? ?

  6. Please Smoke … do your nearest and gdb folder for easy insertion of jerseys to the game .. thank you

  7. smoke in the future, please enter if you can tattoo and face for many players …. respect and you are the best!!!!

  8. is there any chance we can get a patch that will enable us to use the Copa Libertadores teams on master league? that’d be awesome =D

  9. This patch ruined my game, I installed a patch that I had made the team logo and name them as in reality, I installed this patch and my game broke. in England, all teams are under a different name and have other signs, what can I do to return to the true emblems , please ? ? ?

  10. this patch is great, but can u make this patch working with dlc’s i think 1.02 is needed because for playing more realistic

  11. i have done everything as he has written in instructions…but when i enter game it is still standing version 1.01…i have reinstalled game more then 1 time i again do the process but still nothing…some1 help

  12. Last 2010 I only use Smoke Patch as my PES2010 games, you were great.
    But now … I though Smoke has to understood that they were too late , Meanwhile Official update 1.02 was needed since there were new ability add to the game function (updated by Konami , i.e. the Comp player cursor can be hidden as our player ) . So as you came late then better you re observe what going on around the game today. Please respect the people ….

  13. @Dido…

    So..you’re saying even if you get that data message and DONT APPLY it..it still fucks up your patch ? (coz obviously I tried it both ways..both times with fresh installations and both times resulted in a totally (and i MEAN totally!) screwed up D2 (didnt check anything else)


  14. @Dido_SMoKE
    but then if the game is not updated we still would have the 1.01 gameplay of the game? Or did you add your own changes to the game to make the gameplay different (and better) from the original one?

    Because for me the new gameplay that was released in 1.02 update by konami has brought the game up in many levels and I like it better now

  15. @Alim : I think it should be simple after knowing that Smoke patch team put the feedback as annoying things. It’s clear now . Ok. let’s enjoy your patch by your own team. I ever been your customer , but now i found you are so snooty. Have a nice business guys …bye..

  16. @joaoaguas: yes gameplay is changed in the patch, and gameplay will improve all the time as we progress with the next releases.

  17. Smoke , have u fixed the camera tilt with this patch , its very irritating and I would appreciate it if someone would come up with a solution, keeping the perspective straight at all times, instead of straight at the center and tilting of the camera at the ends.
    Im still playing 2010 instead , great work on that btw !

  18. This patch is with so many mistakes everyone will notice that. Thing is why do you want to upload something when it’s not done yet??? I’m not gonna ever try it again no matter how hard you try to give your best… So bad. No future for SMOKE. Don’t try it at all…

  19. @Dido_SMoKE
    Could you please make the Libertadores teams appear in the other teams tab in exhibition mode?
    And it would be cool if you added some more like Santos, Fluminense i.e.
    The patch is great as always, but many transfers haven’t been updated.
    I’ve been waiting for your release to start a ML or BAL but…I guess I still have to wait for your next update.
    Thank you and keep up with the good work

  20. Polish national team has incorrect kits, but patch is great. :)
    I hope that you’ll repair it in next update.

  21. how do i add and edit kits anyone?…i have png files of new kits i want and with the latest smoke patch england kits are messed up

  22. @Matthew, be sure kitserver is working with no directX errors.

    @tnfontes, there is an update 3.0.5 is out, it fixes all those things

    @Azzrael, also corrected in the 3.0.5

    @kal, u have to use GGS, but the next update will complete all teams.

  23. Thanks god he is back….SMK patch is one of the best patches i had all his products in pes 2010 he is not just changing players names he is changing ther abs…faces….and so on

  24. Smoke, I’m having a problem with the kits and emblems. Arsenal is called arsenal and the shirt is red, but it’s not the same as the real one, nor its emblem is correct. Moreover, when I put “attach pes2011.exe” in the manager file this will pop up: GAME EXE: ERROR! Setup failed to install Kitserver 2011 for pes.exe

    Help me please!

  25. I cant run this patch when i try to attach it managers Says that there is some error can someone PLS HELP ME ?

  26. george-agg , put the dll file in your kitserver folder and try running kitserver again. that what i did and it finally worked for me!

  27. please help, when i copy the kitserver and try to play the game,the kit isnot change, how to fix that?


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