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[PES 2011 Patch] FirePatch 1.3 – Enjoy FirePatch, be a Top Player – Released


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FirePatch 1.3 All In One by MST (MASTER SOCCER TEAM) (Vietnamese Editor)

Information for FirePatch:

– Master League: full 214 team (you can change League Structue )
– Full team Europa Leagues 2010 – 2011 [add team]
– Specially: 2 team invitee: Manchester United and Barcelona (copa libertador)
– Full team UEFA Champions League 2010-2011
– Full location 32 team UEFA Champions League 2010-2011
– Full location all club and nationa.
– All team AFF Suzuki Cup 2010
– Add team: L.A Galaxy, New York Redbull, Santos FC…add more team ….(you discover)
– New Flag, logo…
– Some tool selector
– 60 Boots HD, New Face and Hair, New Electronic Adboards, 32 Wallpaper….And many good things for Patch.

– The patch automatically installs the KONAMI PES 2011 Patch 1.02 and the DLC 1.01.


Update v1.3.1

– Update squad Aff Suzuki Cup.
– Fix kit Liverpool…v.v.


  1. Very good patch!
    But i have found a mistake. Alianza Lima and Juan Aurich are in “Other Teams Europe”, but they are from Peru (America). What are they doing there?

  2. Really good patch but have some bugs. And please write “Credit” if you dont made anything by yourself.

  3. Please help … How to Raise the level of the player in Master League and how the highest-level coaches and players also have to say how the level of lift

  4. there is a problem,when you put long sleevens and inners,player have no hands,can you tell me how to fix that problem?

  5. hey one question. whenever i start the original pes.exe the patch is not applied. but when i start another .exe (from the patch) it tells me that there is a .dll file missing. but then the game starts but before getting to the menu, it always crashes. help pease!

  6. It doesn’t work on my PC. It seems like I need some d3dx9_43.dll file to run the game now. Any ideas?

  7. @Marvin : you need to play game with MST2001-df or with change gameplay by KOMU.

    – missing d3dx9_43.dll file, you search on Google

    then put this : C: \ Windows \ System32

  8. hey i got it to work! you have to copy the d3dx9_43.dll in your pes folder as well! thanks for the holp mr_zung! :)

  9. mr zung
    bursaspor have none players just goal-keeper
    please fix all the bugs
    respect from romania

  10. Grazie per questa bellissima patch spero solo che non ti fermi qui e che presto farai anche gli aggiornamenti di calcio mercato ancora grazie e ciao

  11. it’s good patch, but there is a lot of mistakes.. you haven’t created new teams, just replaced the old.. map location is not corrected for most teams :S

    wallpapers are realy good..

  12. @petrush: FirePatch created new team. We don’t replace. We added more 30 team. Which teams has locaition wrong? For example? We will fix. Thanks

  13. @Stevenpnt: There in no new created teams.. New teams are replaced on the CL01, CL02, CL03 etc teams and then they are edited.. I know this, cause I’m patch maker too.. + the emblems of the free agent’s players, created players, ML Youth, etc… are the same with the emblems of Gent, Aris.. that’s big mistake.. And the maps location need to be fix.. Leeds, Coventry, Crystal Palace, etc… are incorrect..

    sry for my bad english !

    If you fix all this mistakes, your patch will be the best..

    btw: I ask Mr_Zung to join your team.. Could I ?! Thanks. :D

  14. @Stevenpnt: + npower Championship is partial, not completed. M’boro for example.. Lita is black, not white.. Hoyte is black too.. + nationality of Middlesbrough’s players is Poland.. All teams are like this :S

  15. que pedazo de idiota el equipo de las chivas no es su uniforme esta pesimo tu piche parche eres un idiota y tambien el equipo de mexico no es su uniforme eres un pedazote de idiota

  16. Fix Aris Thessaloniki’s map position it is from Greece and has same position with the paok

  17. Very good patch, but what is the difference between MST2011_df vs MST2011_gplay1.08a vs MST2011_gplay1.08b? Does it have to do with difficulty in the game? please reply


  18. PLZ Answer me Fast……after insall patch the game damged and when i started the game with patch or without patch this massege apper fot me (the file either damged or was not istall correctly pls unstall then install again)

  19. @everyone petrush is correct partial championship many teams players wrong colour and nationality otherwise great patch also i dont see aff suzuki cup anyone?

  20. @skop: MST2011-df = game play default KONAMI

    MST2011_gplay1.08a = game play mod by KOMU

    MST2011_gplay1.08b = same MST2011_gplay1.08a , but with more realistic (slower) game speed and player form

  21. Mr_Zung i instal pach , bat i have soem problem when i start playing ml and start new sesone stop working pes 11 whay ?
    win 7 chek for solutin cras report

  22. Mr_Zung i put bat not working same crash report !
    new ml dont working ,old ml save file working like peach whay dont working for me ?

  23. o fack instal update 1.3.1 stil same crash report ?
    i m crazy,go to sleep i angry no solution for me

  24. @petrus: we will fix all mistakes in next version. We will create about 20 new slot teams and 30 teams in hide slots. Thanks


  26. are you update Indonesian?
    whether the same face with the original players?
    please answer my question..

  27. @Stadler: download Update 1.3.1 and install it.

    @josa: i will update more face for Indonesia in next version

    if you have any face player Indonesia , can send for me.


    sr my bad english.

  28. Hello mister Mr_Zung says I wanted to ask a favor if you would in the next update of the captaincy totti roma because of what he now is heavenly if you could change it I would be grateful thanks and a good patch I’m playing and I never get tired because hello and thank you too beautiful

  29. @stadler: did you download update 1.3.1? It will fix error when you save in master league. Have fun.

  30. when i extract all part, each contain the same thing, only one .exe , after installing, only the first one take effect, the other didn’t change anything. can you help me?

  31. i hope that next version will be with complete npower.. and fix map location for npower some teams..

    use map location 1.3 and use england map for the npower teams, not europe ;)


  32. zung

    can you gime me your email ??
    i will send you the picture of indonesian player face..
    thanks before

  33. Mr_Zung I have a question for you. How did you change the team ranking?? I tried with master league ranking tool, but there are not the bundesliga and championship teams… plese answer me.. :) btw.. great job with that patch… keep going with the good job.

  34. @layz: yes man.. i want to say that lyta & hoyte are black, but in the game they are white.. not just them 2.. other players has the same error :S

  35. Mr_Zung
    thanks for clearing the informations
    but there is a demand
    we want all stadiums of the english premier league
    20 stadiums
    in the next update
    thanks alot

  36. @Mr_Zung the patch really good but there is one problem
    when i try to save Master league the the game closed so what can i do ?????

  37. Hello Stevenpnt I have a question for you. How did you change the team ranking?? I tried with master league ranking tool, but there are not the bundesliga and championship teams… plaese answer me on [email protected]

  38. Only a solucion man a tool to desactivate the League Structue then all teams work or a PESPLUS2011 ;).
    We have to wait.

  39. pleez tell me have u changed the players abbilitie or left they defult ablities pleez dont change he players abbiittes so tell me did u changed them

  40. anyone who instaled the patch answer me pleeez is the players abbilities changed or it is the defult like c.ronaldo his attck 97
    nd kaka 93 or its changed pleeez iwant to know fst

  41. what about FK Crvena Zvezda, and FK Partizan? Faces are totally wrong, in Zvezda many players have asian faces?! Only fue players is with correct face.

  42. can anyone help me here?

    when i extract all part, each contain the same thing, only one .exe , after installing, only the first one take effect, the other didn’t change anything. can you help me?

  43. Pease , I have a problem , when playing New Master League I can’t save the game , when h go to save icon and push save or save auto .. the game show meessage ( don’t send & send error ) but no problem with load game at ML the problen at new game .. Plz help .. Thx

  44. pleeez we dont want the players abbilities to chang pleeez make it defult iw will be a perfect patch if u doit

  45. hi Mr_Zung
    there are some small problems like
    the nationality of the players of the npower league
    is not accurate
    such as leeds players are from turkey
    then please i want from u to make the T-Shirt of leeds
    more realistic such as man utd and r.madrid
    i hope u put it in the next update

  46. Hi again,when i need to SAVE my Master Liga the game frezze/crashed,pls fix it in nex update :) good luck

  47. hello Mr_Zung

    i also habe a question…

    i did you do fix the league edit

    i made the team but whan i edit > league structure..

    then all the team mass up….

    could you tell me…

    i will wait for your reply

  48. Really nice work!
    The wallpapers are great. Could you share the pictures?
    Also, could you list the musics?
    Thanks a lot!

  49. mr zung pleez answer me did u changed the players stats or left them as defult pleeez answer meeeeeeeeee

  50. y cant u just make it deful pleeez its better like that not all people love to play with changed stats pleez can u make a edit file with defult stats

  51. 1) some of the kit got mash up .. manu brazil how do i repair?? can u help me?

    2) then when i try to play classic france it just closed the PES

  52. is it possible to play BAL with international matches if i choose indonesian or philippines nationality? if not can u make it possible? thnx in advance… hopefully on the next update

  53. Hello dear Mr_Zung says: I always come to say thank you for the wonderful patch that you did thanks for the timely update to patch konami 2:00 but one thing I wanted to ask since I went to the interior of the konami update but I noticed that the mesh of I can not change them in london without: “narrow, wide etc. … I could say about me if you could provide more if you can thanks in advance Hello


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