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PES 2011 Patch 1.0 [BETA] by razib_46


PES 2011 Patch 1.0 [BETA] – Full CL, EL, Npower Championship, Serie Bwin and more…

Patch Features:

– DLC 2.00 compatible
– KONAMI Official Patch 1.03 compatible
Kitserver 11.0.1 NEW
– Complete winter 2011 transfers
– All 32 Champions League teams
– Correct map position for all 32 CL teams in CL selection mode
– All Europa League teams
Unlocked all Libertadores teams in Exibition (NO ML CRASH) NEW
– Added Santos FC
– Added SK Sturm Graz
Added Standard de Liege, Trabzonspor, FK Austria Wien, FK Dnipropetrovsk NEW
– Complete Bundesliga
– Complete Npower Championship in D2 League (18 teams)
Complete Serie Bwin (switch leagues) NEW
4 All Stars teams (Now playable in all cup modes) NEW
6 Under 21 national teams NEW
– Added 10 new balls
– Added 9 new stadiums
– Face for more than 120 players
– German map for Bundesliga
– Correct map position for all teams
– Correct kits for all unlicensed club teams
– Correct kits for all national teams
– Correct names for all unlicensed club teams and leagues
– Correct emblems for all unlicensed club teams and leagues
– Correct names for all players
– and more…

How to install:

1 – Run “PES 2011 R46 Patch Setup.exe” and install it
2 – After patch it’s installed, play the game with “Play PES 2011” from your desktop.


GoLDoRaKiLLeR©, zioborgo, pesedit, Michal17Widzew, barcafan, BaCkDoOr, juce, Robbie, [email protected], Crocco, Paul81118, Kralle79, diNo, arctic-monkey, Katalonczyk18, JSA™, Ribas2810, Ewwe, SnKBoy, all kit makers and all face makers.


  1. sorry, i can’t speak english.
    i have one question for you : apakah bisa patch 1.0 by razib46 bisa langsung diinstall tanpa menginstall patch by razib46 versi sebelumnya??????????????
    please answer

  2. thank you brother i will download and try i hope that algeria team players names and strips are corrects , sorry for my bad english see u after download complete :)

  3. Can i just add to my previous razib patch or i must to delete that and install this.. please someone help !

  4. solamente sale los logos de los equipos pero kits y algunos equipos nombrados en el parche no,nacesito una guia sobre como arreglarlo.

  5. game is crashing, ı dont know why
    when ı was surfing in edit mode, game crashed many times.
    you couldnt succedd to make a proper patch again.
    there are alot of mistakes allthe time.
    patch is working but patch is crashing.

  6. @ZŁO You can load your old saves and create a new game.

    @kARIOKA Stats are default

    @sarıpapagan can you send a an image with the crash dialog?

  7. Razib i fixed the problem with Netframework but there came another problem .. it says something to me about JIT files.. whats the problem now???

  8. razib, ı deleted your patch and Pes 2011 and then I made fresh installation of pes 2011 and your patch. your patch is working but in edit mode when ı come on some players forexample tchoyi from wesbronwich the patch is throwing. the problem is throwing of your patch. your patch is throwing from the game.

  9. Some kind of crash I am being.
    Nice patch.
    But i don’t know why no international team at my pc.
    Any wrong on me?

  10. @Rakhinelay What kind of problem you have? Are you sure that you’ve installed the patch in the game installation folder? And are you sure that you’re running the game form desktop with “Play PES 2011”?

    @Mitza8 No, it’s all in one version…

    @robi I’ll take this team in consideration. Anyway the patch is working perfect on your system?

  11. razib, when will you solve the throwing problem?

    you say you find the solution. what is the solution?

  12. @sarıpapagan some players boots it’s setted to 59 or 60 (sorry for this mistake). If you install a 60 boots pack patch like Ron69 patch, you should fix this problem. Next update will contains 60 boots…

    @dundulus No online support in this version.

    @Omar10 Try to run “Play PES 2011” from desktop as administrator. Tell me if this trick worked for you…

  13. merci razib_46 pour ton travail ….cependant je joue en legende ….il y a des doubles dans l équipe de turquie ….comment faire ….merci…
    ps: sercan yildirim 3 fois …vederson 2 fois…..ali tandogan……

  14. Innanzitutto complimenti,poi volevo chiedere riuscite a modidficarla e in modo che si possa installare insieme ad altre patch così sarebbe perfetta.

    Complimenti grazie

  15. razib,why are stats od the players like i do not have any patch instaled??? I tried everything but still nothing… help?? plz :D

  16. razib, ı changed the boot pack and solved throwing problem. but this is not only one mistake. there are alot of mistakes in your patch. did you check championship kits especially cardiffcity kit?
    the players of cardiffcity are almost nude. did you check R.Lewandowski face who is borissiadortmund player? He is from Poland, he is not japan, korean or another nationality. shortly you should work more detailed on your next version. your pes2010 patches were perfect. we hope the same performance in your next patches. ıf my comments are hard ı am sorry. have good working……….

  17. meh i uninstalled messis patch to try this raz, I have thought very highly of your previous patches and am suprised to see myself say that this one needs work, however it is only beta so I hope the next update is an improvement, keep up the good work….we need decent patches like yours and smokes.

  18. @razib_46
    Thanks for your reply.
    My problem is that
    I can’t open play PES from desktop.
    I just open pes from kitserver *.exe
    So many new features,
    Kits, faces and so on.
    But no international teams.
    No transfer update.

  19. razib!,……….i hope next patch you’ll add malaysia team and malaysia league………..p/s-sorry for my bad english.

  20. @arsenal155 I think you didn’t installed the patch in the correct folder. Reinstall in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 installation folder.

  21. @razib i did and its the same error…i even reinstalled my pes and then installed ur patch but the same error
    what else can i do :@
    hope u fix it..

  22. @arsenal155 open the kitserver (C:/Profram Files/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011kitserver and there you should find a shortcut called as “krun.exe – collegamento”. If you don’t find it create a new shortcut of “krun.exe” in the same folder and rename it (krun.exe – collegamento). Anyway you’re also able to play the game with “krun.exe” in the kitserver folder…

  23. razib fix forward Waiting I said spreads I hope improves other patch team logos 3D Whatever very happy I’ll be follow-up I’m single slope you

  24. razib.. i like ur patch but can u edit attribute for all the player undervalued o overvalued like david luiz increase his stats please. his face & hair also. malouda, alex song & etc.. to make ur patch perfect! & please add the option to unlocked all extra contents.. thanks million razib!

  25. @RAZIB… the krun files are already there in the kit server folder. but after running them, i see the game not updated…. i installed ur this patch… but the desktop file says to install net framework 4.0.30319….. please help me razib

  26. @razib_46: why is it only the keepers are in their original kit but the other players are not?

  27. @razib_46: why when i install end go to desktop run “Play PES 2011” i get :
    “To tun this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET Framework v4.0.30319”


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