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PES 2011 Patch 0.9 by razib_46



– DLC 2.00 compatible
– KONAMI Official Patch 1.03 compatible
Complete winter 2011 transfers NEW
– All 32 Champions League teams
– Correct map position for all 32 CL teams in CL selection mode
– All Europa League teams
– Added 29 Copa Libertadores teams in Exibition Other Latin America (NO ML CRASH)
– Added Santos FC – Complete Bundesliga
– Complete Championship in D2 League (18 teams)
Partial Serie B (18 teams) NEW
Partial Liga Adelante (18 teams) NEW
Partial 2.Bundesliga (18 teams) NEW
Added 10 new balls (no replace) NEW
– Added 9 new stadiums
Face for more than 120 players NEW
German map for Bundesliga NEW
– Correct map position for all teams
– Correct kits for all unlicensed club teams
– Correct kits for all national teams
– Correct names for all unlicensed club teams and leagues
– Correct emblems for all unlicensed club teams and leagues
– Correct names for all players
– and more…

PES 2011 Patch 0.9 :

PES 2011 Patch 0.9 Fix 2 : new

– Fix Barcelona FC crash
– Fix Master League saving crash

Removed second divisions teams from “Other Teams (EUROPE)” to fix ML crash
Serie B, Liga Adelante and 2.Bundesliga will be added as addon for the patch


– Update the game to DLC 2.00 ( or go to EXTRA CONTENT => DATA PACK)
– Install KONAMI official Patch 1.03
– Copy all files from patch save folder to your save folder (C:UsersusernameDocumentsKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2011save)
– Copy the “kitserver” folder and “PES2011.exe” to the game installation folder (C:Program FilesKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2011)
– Go to the kitserver folder, run “manager.exe” as administrator and attach the patch


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  1. I really like your patches Razib. But i need you to explain how we can change to serie b, or spanish second league, or bundesliga 2.

  2. KangMInGundam you’ re right man. I see the teams in “other european” but when i try to change league structure all the second division teams become “Austria”.

  3. Not too pleased with this patch.There are dummy players in the Bulgarian National Team for example….

  4. there a problem in many kits in other other european club team … most of them repeated kits from N power championship..more dummys in bulgaria tim… ronaldhino wear a middlebrought jersey…???

    please razib_46..if u dont mind plz fix this problem..TQ

    *waiting very best pes11 patch from you*

  5. guys who installed the patch tell me pleeez does the player stats are the original from konami or it changed

  6. hi Razib I installed the patch and its good ,but there is some problems ,so please fix them…

    1.player numbers ,like adebayor is number 30,and i think there is a few more players.

    2.the kits for other Europa League teams…

    3.Master leage Save crash

    4.there is some player who have a bad faces

    5.and i think there is other small problems like some players transfers and other…

    so plz make a big fix for them and thanks..

  7. I’m having a problem after i installed the patch.Eveytime i try to start a master league match, PES shuts down with error.
    Is this happening to anyone else?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  8. @pesfe/ronaldo I’ve released the fix for this crash to website, tomorrow will be available in pes-patch.com

    @kosei Copy save folder to Documentes/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

  9. I did not update the pitch before, this is my first time that I want to update it. At first, do I need to delete all the previous PES 2011 files first? Second, I don’t know why my ps3 keeps saying my usb have “corrupted data”. How can I solve it? By the way, I don’t know exactly how should I save it in my usb.

  10. razib.. thanks for ur update but can u update players hairstyle like luiz, saha, djourou and etc. as for the captain armband really not nice with white color. come with black color while captain words show will be more nice.. anyway almost perfect. :resteper:

  11. hai razib . . . I’ve downloaded the patch that you provide. but when I select a team barcelona suddenly out of the game. Can you help me?

  12. PES 2011 Patch 0.9 Fix 2 new added (read description).

    – Fix Barcelona FC crash
    – Fix Master League saving crash

    Removed second divisions teams from “Other Teams (EUROPE)” to fix ML crash
    Serie B, Liga Adelante and 2.Bundesliga will be added as addon for the patch

    thanks to razib_46 for submission.

  13. Hi, can you please make czech and slovakia or russian league? Czech -> Gambrinus League, Slovakia -> Corgoň League. Thank you.

  14. I want to ask about the costume chelsea team and another team in English league, why different than the original? they use costumes bearing the PES

  15. Without capital letters will be much good but its fine…where are the addons or will be in next version?

  16. when i installed konami patch 1,03 it said that i have 2 upgrad……….
    and i installed the DLC 2.0
    and trying again but appears the same massege what can i do?????

  17. im getting crash when i wan to create NEW Become Legend character. got crashed when want to save it.

  18. Kits for example Chelsea are some PES thing not the original blue adidas shirts. Emblems didn’t change for clubs and leagues,kits for club for national teams also didn’t change. I installed patch as you said in “How To Install”. What could be the problem? Plz help me. Thank You.

  19. fc barcelona game with the league mode, when I play against real madrid away from home, the game gives error and closes, what can it be?

  20. It was nice patch, but do not know why you got teams from latin america in master league and has not updated national teams participated in the Asian Cup.

  21. damn. When i want to play Be a pro, I create a neww player, and when i push the play button and crash all game whrite Don’t send. How this problem delete?

  22. Great job, but the correct three things:

    – Robert Lewandowski looks like an Asian should not
    – Could you work a little on the Lech, missing a few new transfers
    – Primarily Douglas which never change in Lech was not on Arboleda

    In addition to this great:) keep up the good, greetings;)

  23. There is bug in EPL league ….i m using Liverpool when start to play UEFA Europe League round 32 the game automatically close…

  24. When I Start ML , I Have Crash To Save and when i want to save it goes out of the game. i have downloaded patch fix 2 But …


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