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PES 2011 Patch 0.5.2 by razib_46 [+ kitserver]


PES 2011 Patch 0.5.2 by razib_46 [+ kitserver]


– KONAMI Official Patch 1.02 compatible
– DLC 1.01 compatible
– 32 Champions League teams in CL mode selection
– Corrected map position for all 32 CL teams in CL selection mode (like Arsenal, Milan etc…)
– Added 2 new teams (FK Partizan and Hapoel Tel Aviv)
– Corrected map position for all teams
– Complete Bundesliga
– Complete Championship in D2 League
– Correct kits for all club teams
– Correct kits for many national teams
– Correct names for all unlicensed club teams and leagues
– Correct emblems for all unlicensed club teams leagues
– Correct names for all players
– Transfers up-to-date
– and more…

You don’t need previews patch installed.


  1. as with EVERY OTHER Championship inclusive patch… Leeds have WHITE NUMBERS on their WHITE SHIRTS !!!!!

    are you all copying each others patches and barely modifying them for purely egotistic reasons or what ??!??!?!

  2. to SSS: having the English 2nd Division (Championship) makes WAY MORE sense than having ANY other countries 2nd tier.

  3. For Example I’m Put Dtoc.img Folder one face [ bin.file ],
    The game give me error . . or not ??

  4. @Razib

    With your previous patch I could play MLO but with this one I get a message Incorrect Player Data Found. How can I play online with this patch?


  5. I had another patch but i disliked it because they put in some US teams. So then I reïnstalled the hole game, installed all the updates and patches. Then i did exactly everything wich was told in the “how to install” textfile. At first i received the message that the kitserver was already installed altough i didn’t do anything before. So i tried again and the when i start the game i get this message. “The program cannot be started up because the file d3dx9_43.dll is missing” But then the game is starting up and there are no kits and logos. When i detach the kitserver then the message is not shown. Can you please tell me what to do? Juan

  6. @Razib

    I solved the problem by downloading the missing file. The only thing thats wrong are the names of the Championship teams wich i can’t edit. Can you please help me so i can start my ML over.
    THNX Juan

  7. to Replyer: oh really… if you play for ex. spanish league you have championship teams in second division… this makes sense for you??? I just want to tell that there should be D2 teams for each country in different versions of patch so you can choose it for the country your are playing!

  8. @Razib

    Sorry for disturbing you with so much questions. But thanks to a reply on one of your earlier patches I noticed what the problem is with the wrong names of the Championship teams. Its because i’m using Dutch language. When I changed it to English the problem was solved. For me the patch is more important then the language but I think you’d please a lot of Dutch PES players if you can solve this problem. I know that most of them like to play with Championship teams.

  9. razib, I have to say thankyou for this patch. It seems to be the only one with Championship teams. Even with a few mistakes it’s really good. Everybody’s waiting for the Smoke patch but it’s a long wait and I really appreciate your patch.


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