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PES 2011 npower Patch 1.1 by PetRuSh



* Compatible with Konami 1.03 and DLC 2.00
* All teams licensed
* Correct names, kits, emblems for all teams
* Correct names for all players
* All Champions League teams
* All UEFA Europa Teams
* Compelete Bundesliga
* Complete npower Championship – 20 teams (no ML crash)
* Added 3 New Nationalities: Macedonia, Indonesia and Malaysia (playable in BaL)
* Other New Teams
* Winter Transfers 2011
* Map location for all teams
* 250+ special faces added
* New kits for Manchester United and Tottenham
* EPL Callnames
* New Scoreboard
* New CL Heineken Adboard
* Refferee faces
* 31 New Balls
* 60 New Boots
* 32 New Wallpapers
* 20 in-game created stadiums
* New turfs for in-game created stadiums
* Chants for all premier league teams
* Players supporters songs
* Tunnel Logos
* Real Supporters
* and more…


1. Delete previous kitserver
2. Run setup.exe ( Next —> Next —> Start —> Next —> Exit )
3. Run game from desktop shortcut “npower patch”.
4. ENJOY!!


tools: [email protected], barcafan, BaCkDoOr, Juce and Robbie;
balls patch: razib_46;
boots: Ron69;
Manson, PEStinator, Harrienak, Hicksville, Manson, Severus, poriddge, Ar2r;
all kits makers; all face makers.


  1. whether during install npower patch 1.1 should install the patch the previous version ????????????
    please answer


    1. Delete previous kitserver
    2. Run setup.exe ( Next —> Next —> Start —> Next —> Exit )
    3. Run game from desktop shortcut “npower patch”.
    4. ENJOY!!

  3. hi brother thank you , i just wanna know if that patch contain all last transfer and the correct Algerian team name of players or faces , and if no tell me the way to get the last update of players transfers ..thanks again :)

  4. Thanks for the patch. One question about the chants for all EPL teams, They are all on default and sing the same songs. Do you have a chantlist so i can change it. Thanks.

  5. odlicno petrush podobren ti e i gameplayot i poveke detali super.samo edna zamerka transferite vo championchip ne ti se uptodate i logoto na burnley e vsusnost logoto na bristol city :-)vo sekoj slucaj super sega ke igram :-)

  6. @nacer: Algeria will be updated in next version, and I will try to find some faces for algerian players

    @Ken: EPL Teams have their own chants and they are not the same for every team

    @Deti: Albania is coming in next version. I still need to create faces for albanian faces

    @milan13: na primer koi transferi ne se update?! a za logoto na burnley, tochno si e. ako si imal nekoj prethoden patch, izbirshi go kitserverot i odnovo instaliraj go 1.1 i se ke bide vo red ;)

  7. like it says at features: all teams (clubs and nationalities) licensed with correct names, players, emblems and kits

  8. na pr. Keogh veke e vo Bristol City ne vo Cardif;Parkin e vo kardif od Preston;McShane e vo Barnsley ne vo hull;Eric Lichaj e vp leeds od aston villa itn.inace go imav izbrisano kitserverot ama logoto si e na bristol no nema veza ok e nema do tolku da ja tencime :-)

  9. i can’s change the starting players of serie A !!

    I tried to change mexes to a starting defender in edit mode, but it just dun allow me !!

    i tried it on tottenham too… cant seems to work !!


  10. ok e gi srediv jas transferite od edit mode,samo da te prasam dali moze da se dodadat uste 4 tima t.e. da stanat site 24 tima vo championchip???bi bilo super.i sekako ako moze da se dodadat kopacki na hurley.kappa,uhlspor,mitre,kelme,concave :-)

  11. mozhe da se dodadat, no ne vo D2, bidejki ke ja krashira igrata.. se mislam dali da gi dodadam vo other europe teams samo exibition da se igra, no i da mozhe da se igra so niv D2 preku change league structure :D

  12. + aj dodaj me na skype v_petrush da mi go pratish editot chim si gi napravil transferite, da ne gi pravam sega i jas.. me mrzi :D

  13. Hi,

    I dowloaded the patch and installed it after deleting the kitserver folder. But after opening the npower shortcut from the desktop the its taking default PES 2011 files instead of those mentioned in the patch. All the teams look like as it was, eg. north london, mersyside red etc… can any body help me to fix it.

  14. @Aam: did you change installation directory?

    try with opening game from pes2011.exe from C:\KONAMI\Program Files\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

  15. help, cant edit starting 11 in edit mode for some teams , eg roma , ac milan or even malaysia team !!!

  16. it this need to install previous version of this patch?
    can i install this patch without previous patch?
    tell me

  17. Why the german team (not including bayern munich and werder bremen) are with wrong players’s names ? Is the problem on my computer cause “* Correct names for all players” & “* Compelete Bundesliga”.Otherwise everyting is ok :) Thanks in advance !

  18. Petrush.. kolku ja se razbiram barem malce u fudbal.. mislam deka imas greska napraveno vo Makedonskata reprezentacija… Ako ne se lazam Pandev e broj 10 a Ristic 9 :S

  19. ej brat sega so treba da napram. Znaci dago izbrisam kitserverot i posle dago instaliram ovoj? A ML raboti bez problem taka ?
    aj pozz

  20. cant edit starting line up in edit mode !!!!!!!!!

    i cant edit roma , malaysia , and the whole formation got screw up if i edit some players… eg , corner takers for malaysia will be GK !!!

    petrush, plz answer this..

  21. hi there. its really a wonderful patch u have created. but well i was thinking if i could by any chance still be able to modify a team jerseys, chants, create a stadium for the team so i could use it in master league. please help me out with this. i have been contemplating whether to install it or use the original game.

  22. guys,i have install this patch…but,it says that the data is in different version…something like that…
    how can i fix this?its something wrong???
    sory my english.

  23. i installed it and when i start the program it said:
    “The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

    I reinstalled it and stil the game is a default one with “some” changes. But theres only npowers team, but no new national team, with some “dummy players” in some default leagues. PLUS, the game stopped in the middle.


  24. why this patch doesn’t work on me.it says the “edit data is from different version cannot load”.but you say this patch is compatible with 1.03 patch.and my current patch is 1.03

  25. I’m working on new version..

    -All from DLC 7.00
    -New national teams
    -New European and Copa Libertadores 2011 teams
    -Newest kitserver with GDB
    -and so much other things :)

  26. Petrush mozes da mi kazes zasto na arsenal golmanot go ima praviot dres a drugite imaat samo crveni i taka mi e so site timovi a makedonija ja ima so igrajaci na avstrija :( POMOS :( :(

  27. petrush mozes da mi kazes zasto ne mi se dresovite na mnogu timovi drugi i makedonija e avstrija


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