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PES 2011 Gameplay Patch version 1.08 By Komu


PES 2011 Gameplay Patch version 1.08 By Komu

PES 2011 Gameplay Patch version 1.08 By Komu

New Update v1.08, compatible with konami latest 1.20 update

Changelog v1.08:
Adapted to KONAMI update 1.20

Changelog v1.08a:
– Improved opponent AI (adjust game difficulty accordingly)

Changelog v1.08b:
– Same as 1.08a but with more realistic (slower) game speed and player form


  1. is it true that i hardly score a freekick since using this patch? does anyone feels the same? i was okay at freekick before i use this patch. :(

  2. Just wonder what tools you use to edit and what file (e.g. PES2011.exe) you edit.

    I tried your previous versions but couldn’t patch it by clicking the installation icon.


  3. Hey, I have a patch installed in my pes2011. It’s called Patch_Liga_Zon_Sagres_e_Orangina_By-Famm_e_estica__V1.01 because I’m portuguese and I have installed too the dlc 1.01 oficial from KONAMI. I tried to instal PES 2011 Gameplay Patch version 1.07 By Komu but when I tried to play, the game crashes when trying to enter the menu. What can I do?

  4. Sorry for my English, but he doesn’t work with patch 1.02 :
    File size ok,CRC32 check failed! nothing patched…

  5. How do you remove this patch.
    It sucks, nothing has changed, the only thing that changed is that 2-3 of my players is passing in wrong direction. For example i want to pass to right it passes to left.

  6. I wish improvement the character could move more naturally no be rough and the more shoot natural the better.
    They should be able to fall in many different ways and not foul Difficult too much

    but I think that dribbling Ok

  7. 79.1mb? is that right? i have version 107 and its only 506kb? lol whats up with the bloatation? :P

  8. this patch work in master league mode ? or in master league mode the gameplay is the same of the original pes gameplay without gam. patch?


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