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PES 2011 Estadio Monumental de Ate[Descarga] by etson32


Estadio Monumental de Ate[Descarga] by etson32

Hello friends I acompartir this amazing stadium, reworked by me and created by royp, enjoy it!


KONAMI Turf in HD with shadows that change according to weather conditions

. Lights and rainy night mode
. Textures in HD
. KONAMI Scoreboard
. Shadows in the public
. Videographer HD (change clothes depending on the tournament)
. Perfect rebound

Paste the files. Dt07.img bin folder of kitserver

Replaces stage win in the game again if they want to replace other stadium I leave the stadium map bins
and turf to rename the. bin

PD: The lights night mode only works for those who play on medium and high quality for low no funk .. Greetings, I suggest you rename the bins that the camera angle that is not when you play is the back any questions just ask!


  1. Pero sabes como configurar para que pueda jugar con las luces? que cosa hay que hacer, porque no veo esas luces en el juego..gracias


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