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PES 2011 Editor v1.2 by [email protected]


PES 2011 Editor v1.1 by w!Ld@

PES 2011 Editor v1.2 by [email protected] Features:

* fixed bugs with copying of S21-23 cards from PSD
* function to generate new players is back
* improved color picker widow
* added kit relik and settings ( DLC kits and models are supported )
* optional encoding of external files ( csv & fm exports ) – see tab ‘Settings’
* added SWP position to global adjust tab
* fixed sorting of SWP players on the bench in team edit window
* updated FM2011 data exporter
* other minor bugfixing


  1. Hey guys

    I got a question.

    I cant get this to work. I have not yet used anything like this.

    How do I exactly use this tool?
    When I open it, I cant find any option file (as automatically selected by the program) I do only find a file in /KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2010/save which is named OPTION.

    But when I try to open that, the program says it is not an Option File or a corrupted file…

    What exactly am I doing wrong here?

    Pls help me :)
    (Is there any other way to open it?)

    Kind regards


  2. maybe there was a problem with your option file, while you’re saving it.

    some important note:

    – remember if you’re using Windows 7, you must be start the editor with ADMINISTRATOR PRIVILEGES!

    – sure to make a backup of your option file before edit everything!

    have a good night! ;)


  3. @drake its not like that actually..only kits with adidas techfit strip can use that option..other kits without it can use the puma option..


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