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PES 2011 DLC 7.0 released !


PES 2011 DLC 7.0 released ! The new march 2011 Data Pack (PES 2011 Data Pack version 7.0) is now available on download.

Features DLC 7.0 for PES 2011 :

– Team Lineup Updates which now reflects Winter Transfer Activity
– New Team Strips
– 10 new Football boots

How to install:

For Windows XP copy dt0f.img in :

C:\Documents and Settings\All USers\Application Data\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\download

For Vista / Windows 7 copy dt0f.img in :


* more info about PES 2011 latest DLC is here: PES 2011 March 15th DLC details revealed


  1. is that need a new kitserver for who use patches or it is just an update for the game without kitserver?

  2. Hi!
    I installed it and now the npower patch is messed up with the trikots (at least with German Bundesliga) and so on. a re-install of the patch didnt change a thing.
    can anyone help???

  3. what your patch?
    if you use pesedit install it again and
    choose again add-on what you want to play in tab switch

  4. How to install:

    For Windows XP copy dt0f.img in :

    C:Documents and SettingsAll USersApplication DataKonamiPro Evolution Soccer 2011download

    For Vista / Windows 7 copy dt0f.img in :

  5. I show that Windows 7 on the work because what you show or mac or do not know what! Show that Windows 7 to be installed in

  6. I’ve been waiting for about 6-8 weeks for this and I must say that I’m very disappointed! There was NOT a sufficient update on the winter transfers for the Brazilian teams in Libertadores! i.e. NO RIVALDO for Sao Paulo, Ricardo Oliveira is still on the team after having been traded early in the winter transfer season, Ronaldo (fenomeno) is still with Corinthans after also retiring early in the winter transfer season….and many many more!
    I’m sorry, but I expected more!

  7. pa jebem vam mater ne radi,sjebo sam fire patch i sad mi ni save ne radi,jebem vam familiju

  8. I found some problem with play in become a regend. Some team and player UNNAME and faces. Please quick fix that . thank you

  9. Not good patch.In the most greek teams only the team names is correct and has changed the players with others who does not exist!!!

  10. what happened to the jerseys? the sponsors names like samsung on the Chelsea’s jersey is no longer there

  11. Can you fix this problems with greek teams and i dont know what else,or i must reinstall and install again (without this patch for sure)???
    Please do something..

  12. is there any way to have two pes 2011 in different folders and different saves, so i can had two patches, one with DLC 7.00(with razib patch) and an other with 2.00 (with another patch)?????????

  13. kilen ampi patame dia harati aku humung nyangit uluh tuh jatun ket. dohooooooooooooooooop aku

  14. its not working…
    in my lappy, there is not such path…
    do i need to paste it on img or whay…
    but when i paste it in img,it says that iso error…
    whats that all about…
    an explanation should be good…

  15. C:\Documents and Settings\All USers\Application Data\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\download
    i cant find Konami folder and after that
    i cant update my pes 2011 in extra content!!!

  16. It’s “c:\Users\All Users\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\download\”

    For windows 7

    If not exist create it and restart PES

    Big Time !

  17. after downloading the update from extra content the patch didn’t work it only says file broken. what can i do

  18. i have window vista and i don’t get it help where do i put it there is no “download folder in my Konami folder help!!!!

  19. geningan mayar cuy euy! ah dekahhhhhh
    aing ker neangan gretongan
    ah dasar balehom, blemablemo we,,,,,,,


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