1. umm hell with the pesedit patches lol ill install this dlc patch nd aint waiting for the patches till the whole editing tools been released..!

  2. Have you noticed how hard PES 2011 is? i mean i love the look, menu etc it all looks awesome. But as much as i love the new passing style, im finding hard to build up a fluent passing game . I guess thats down to the crappy PC pad im suing, very stiff directional cross. Anyway also, have you noticed how many times theres “throwings”.. the ball is always going out. Its very hard to get the right power in your shots is another that bugs me. I dont know in PES 2010 you could enjoyed taking shots from 30 yards and felt good in rippled the net.

  3. Changes only the wrong Ireland kits…
    Konami’s genius had mistakenly associated De Graafschap kits!!!

  4. i have a problem. i putted the files on the img folder. now the icon from premier league is gone also it has the bundesliga with pes league icon and it has also and the npower championship with no icon and also theres no pes league. what i can do now? i dont have the download folder. pls help!!!

  5. i found the solution. i put the original dt0f.img on the img folder i put the dlc on the download folder but the file which is making problem is the edit.bin. i say to everyone do not copy this file because this making the problem. theres no need for the edit file.

  6. How do u add club logos and kits for England after applying this update as my kitserver and also afs explorer arent making them show?

  7. DLC from 12.10.2010 made irish NT kits wrong (old De Graafshap’s), so they repaired it in DLC (15.10.2010). That’s all IMO.

  8. this question is for Billiot
    i copy the dt0f to the img file along with the defdat file
    i didnt copy the edit file to the save folder
    steal i can see the premier league icons..
    and can u explain what is the download folder u spoke about?

  9. can i use offline mode,?

    i mean,
    i has download the file in my friend house,
    then i paste in my PC,

    can i create ‘download’ folder manually,?

  10. ya lo actualice todo pero las camisetas de algunos no son las correctas, por ejemplo chelsea tiene una camiseta con el escudo nada mas no la original. en cambio si solo la dejo con el pes edit 2.0 no pasa eso esta todo correcto

  11. can’t find the KONAMI folder in the program data even though i set to “show hidden files”. help me please……

  12. hola pls hlp me im install the pes 2012 in my laptop bt it sys da file defdat does not exist


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