1. i installed pes edit0.1 and 0.2 patch and this
    after that it asked me to apply the dlc or not
    if i apply all patch will be deleted
    if i dont apply the game will turn to original
    how should i do?

  2. if you update to 1.02 your pesedit 0.2 will not work.
    maybe pesedit 0.3 will run with 1.02 konami update.
    if you don’t play online, don’t update to 1.02!!!!

  3. well, in fact, it is not called “1.02” update… it is the “1.01 update with the 1.00 dlc”…
    but you know what I mean… :-)

  4. i installed official dlc though game (i got original game) but even if i have new trasfers line ups e.t.c i dont have correct eblems and kits someone help plz!

  5. Can anyone tell me if I can install the dlc on a pirate(copy) game? Will it work? When will pes edit or someone else who does patches will launch the update for this dlc?

    Plz answer me. Regards!

  6. if u got the ripped verisons, like u dowloand it for free, then it will say that the file is broken. if you bought it from a real place and is a valid copy, then it will work.
    overall, i have the ripped version so it said”file broken” LOL

  7. Sorry. I said the solution was from “god_of_thunder_ar”… and it’s not from him. It’s from “joserruiz”.

  8. Put the dlc, then install pes edit 0.2, then add the file and make the changes, I think that is the order but I’ve not tried it yet. Anyway there must be a patch being made already to work with the new DLC

  9. why my data pack from extra content cannot be install????it was complete download 100% but the installation was failed…….please somebody help me…….

  10. pes is de best game i play man getting bred wen u cut back this real boss hw ever playing

  11. if mierul use win xp try to make folder to :

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\download


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