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PES 2011 Become a Legend – Hex Edit Tutorial



PES 2011 Become a Legend – Hex Edit Tutorial by isotacas.

Download Tsearch: (open pes2011.exe and change the values like in the video)

quote from isotacas:

these values are of my legend player, mates !

differents values for every player. Look your stats (six are sufficient) and change decimal value for hexadecimal. Tsearch have a calculator for this.


  1. read this from isotacas:

    these values are of my legend player, mates !

    differents values for every player. Look your stats (six are sufficient) and change decimal value for hexadecimal. Tsearch have a calculator for this.

  2. hey i need help tsearch is not working on my computer it doesnt open i i have hexaedit and try with that but now my become a legend in the game wont open it says file corrupted i have to start all over again help please

  3. you need to right click and click refresh once you have change the hex codes in the editor,
    for anyone who is having problems make sure to only write down the first 8 not any more and then convert to hex…

  4. I’ve changed the first 16 attributes, but how can i change the rest of them. I’ve noticed, that this method is not workind every time.

  5. and when i change the values i lost special abilities, the star value goes to default and i lost my position

  6. hey guys i have problem with this.i do exactly what you say but nothing happens.

    1)i open hex edit
    2)i chose to open the bl01 file
    3)i search for the decimal values which i change them in hex and then press find.so i go to offset 00003082 and change for example the fist 8 in 63.someone said that we have to make a refresh but this option is not available for me.what do i do wrong?

  7. When i change the values i lost special abilities, the star value goes to default and i lost my position. This can be repaired?

  8. ok guys i did everything you all said i converted the values and everything but when i search for them it doesnt do anything it just shows a lot of numbers saying 00000040 00000000000000000000 all zeros it dont have anything it doesnt search do i have to change any setting of the tsearch?

  9. i did once and it worked then when i tried to do it to anew one didn’t want to work any help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz????

  10. Tnx man.u r awesome.i tried 2 edit those before bt never thought of HEX.It’s really great.tnx again

  11. a little tip for u guys(who cant find it useful).just try 2 use a hex editor what can open prog from ram.and u knw,u can use calculator for converting DEC 2 HEX values.

  12. I have one question – when i change stats to 63,than in game they changes to 99, so far ok, but how i can save this change, because when in game i go back to my data they are lost!

  13. s03_h4nd1 tutorial: here for the calculate

    1. open windows calculator choose scientific mode

    2. in “dec” type ex: 99 (value stat that you want), choose what you want

    3. click in “hex” it will show 63, that is the hex value from 99, that what you insert in your option file when hex, if you want 99 stat

    Now make yourself calculate..

  14. This is the very best stupid thing i have ever seen, this is full of crapp!!!! damn am so nervouse…

  15. everything has done correctly but nothing changed in attributes

    someone tried correctly pls help

  16. When i change the values i lost special abilities, the star value goes to default and i lost my position. This can be modified?

  17. But why the main value doesn’t change with the modification? And after the modifications i lost my position too, why?

  18. nevermind, after 2 games the main value goes right, you just need to train your position again and special abilities too

  19. first of all thank you for this, it’s usefull but i have a problem. i improve my values but lost position and special ability. what can i do for this problem.

  20. hakan position you can train in 1 week your default position and special ability just train again, its easy :D

  21. something i do wrong, cause i managed to change my stats before and now i can’t. P.S. where can i find 2nd page’s stats

  22. The program did not work..I guess I can not run..I could not do the calculation..I do not know how the calculation is done in tsearch..Could you explain a little?..Açıkla amcık

  23. a.q nasi bi program bu ya verdiginiz dec kodlari ile hex kodlari uyusmuyo. nerenizle cevirdiniz bu kodlari?

  24. Gnykspry arkadaşım program çalışıyo adam kendi özelliklerini vermiş.

    differents values for every player. Look your stats (six are sufficient) and change decimal value for hexadecimal. Tsearch have a calculator for this.

    bak burda diyo ki orda dönüşürü var ona tıkla özelliklerini hex karşılığını vericek ilk 6 tanesini bi yere yaz bi metin belgesine sonra aramaya onu yazdığında seninkiler karşına çıkacak ;)

    Program çok da güzel çalışıyo :)

    Kanıt mı ; http://img52.imageshackold.us/img52/1963/pesgn.jpg

  25. merhabalar, biraz daha açıklarmısınız.program açılıyor,pes 11.exe yi seçiyorum arıyorum ama bir sonuç çıkmıyor.ondanö nce ne yapmam gerekir ?

  26. aegtor kardes ben yapamadım valla :D donusturmeyı beceremedım bı yardımcı olur musun

  27. tamam kardeşim başardım sonunda :D yardım etmeyı dusunmen yeter..adamımı 109 yaptım xDe bide su kartları nasıl ayarlıyoruz bı tam oturtsam xDe bi sürü kartı oldu adamın ama ben özellikle seçmedim yani..rastgele geldi xDe

  28. evet kardes..alayını 63 mu ne yaptım hepsi 99 oldu :D santrafor oynuyorum 109 gozukuyo valla xDe

  29. beyler ben sadece staminayı yani dayanıklılığını arttırmak istiyorum sadece bunu yapmak mümkün mü yoksa editor u mü bekleyeceğiz

  30. This does not work.

    I managed to find the row, edited.. refresh or saved and restart game, all does not work. No changes.

    Guess we can only wait for a better Editor.

  31. Ya burada olan Türkler msn adresini verebilirmi biriniz versin özellikle yapanşlar verirse sevinirim. Lütfen arkadaşlar kısa konu hakkında görüşcektim.

  32. ya nolurusnuz yokmu yardım eden ıyıce sıkıldım allah askına yokmu anlatıcak 1 allahın kulu lutfen yarıdmcı olun

  33. hello, well, I have a question you on the video to get them to put all the data to give after searching since like a code right? well as others wanted to know how we do I mean what where we get that code for us to go all that data?

  34. I managed to change other stats as well (except Teamwork, Form, Weak Foot Accuracy, and Weak Foot Use). to do this, you need to follow Biyan instruction but for the remaining stats, you should use your stats starting from Shot Technique. You should not use Dribble Accuracy, Dribble Speed, and Short Pass Accuracy stats because you already made it to 99.

  35. Did anyone manage to get Tsearch working in Win7? Tsearch gives an error when started…

    “Faulting application name: TSearch.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x3e32a9b6
    Faulting module name: THotkeys.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x3e32a967
    Exception code: 0xc0000005

    Starting the program as an Admin has no effect in Win7.

  36. Okay, guess I was too lazy to dig deeper myself (programmers are truly a lazy species)…
    Note: I’m on windows 7 x64
    Tools: A(desn’t matter9 HEX Editor, Windows Calculator, Checksum Utility by MxSonic and 30 Minutes of your time.

    1. Take note of the (for example) first 8 attibutes of your player.
    2. Go ut of the player in your game. It is enough to remain at the menu for choosing which mode you want to play in, just do not have the Player you want to edit open. Now, Open (your) BAL01 file with the (your) HexEditor and search for the Hex sequence (4D2B4B504442494E) in he BAL01 file opened.
    3. Change the HEX Sequence to 63 (HEX conversion for 99) and save the file (as safety, make a backup of the file before editing; you can always overwrite the “corrupted” file with it).
    4. Open the Checksum program and open your edited BAL01 file. A checksum would be created automatically for you. That’s it!
    5. Go back into the game and see the results…

    have fun.

  37. Many people have done to make their skill better than before.

    The easiest way to change the number from DEC.(Your Point of ability) To HEX(Point ability in coding).

    The example is:
    IN PES 2011 –> HEX
    74 –> 4A
    61 –> 3D
    81 –> 51

    To change the number from DEC. to HEX just use calculator given in tsearch. You can see next the calculator has 2 blank box. First box is for HEX and the second box is for DEC.

    Use above step to change your ability.
    1 line : Attack until Shot Power

    Below the first line is for Shot Technique until Aggression.

    1. ATTACK
    2. DEFEND
    4. STAMINA
    5. TOP SPEED


    hope it will be more clear…

  38. ya bunu yapabilen türklerde yabancılr gibi anlatsa adım 1 adım 2 diye lütfen hiçbirşey anlamadım :S

  39. someone should answer this
    i imported songs to pes 2011 with afs but everytime default songs only coming can anyone give me a guide

  40. mallar programı açıcaksınız open process diceksiniz ordan pes2011 exe yi seçeceksiniz ondan sonra hex editore tıklıcaksınız orda hview var onun altindaki ilk arama çubuguna yazacaksiniz hexleri sonra onlari 63 olarak deistireceksiniz kafasızlar :D

  41. hey guys, i did what biyan wrote but the first 16 was changed, but the others didn’t change when i put the three attributes(Dribble Accuracy, Dribble Speed, and Short Pass Accuracy) like biyan said but nothing happened and i changed from Shot Technique to aggression but also nothing happened. please anyone help me to change the rest(i mean from Shot Technique to aggression), thanks



  43. I’ve bit unusual question, is there a way to edit my position in BAL by hex editing? And by editing I mean unlearn new position, because I’m originally CF, but I’ve learned SS (to play in Barcelona) and now, all managers put me in SS position instead of CF, which I feal most comofortable to play.

  44. İlk 6 numarayı aldıktan sonra hex kodlarını bulun. Sonra cheat engine ile hex kodunu aratın ve change value deyip orada 13 tane 63 63 …. yapın bu kadar. Sadece hes kodlarını bul ve hallet… Kolay gelsin

  45. hey, listen, i did everything just the way you did it in the video( of course with my own player settings…), but for some reason it doesnt change the player in the game.
    in the video the moment yout change your stats in the rsearch and you restart the page in the game, the program rewrites your players stats. i tried alot of times but it changes noithing.
    where did i go wrong?

  46. So many toturials, many confusion.
    Just just do the following:

    1. In game editor of the pes11 create a player with just all the characteristics you want.

    2. Find that player with the same method that you find your BAL player, and copy the 3 lines of values that the hex editor gives you.

    3. Now find your BAL player in hex editor and and put the values previously collected. Attention, place them just in right line and column.

    4. Enjoy your new player


  47. i only wanted to change some of values so i did but….now my player dont have playing position ? ani ideas?

  48. hi..
    my actual problem is that the software does not even detect any process named pes.exe!
    help anybody..

  49. Hey!

    I have done all the steps you have explained in your guide.

    My HEX would be 462644444E4A454E – but TSearch does not find anything matching this HEX. Can you pls help me?

    Somehow it does not work the way I want it :P

  50. haha..it seems difficult to run this program..
    my Become a legend has completed a year of the season, can i edit it anyway????

  51. i did everything you like u describe it but after i leave my data to go in again to see the changes my screen is in my data but without all details. i mean i only see my data written on the top left. the music of the game goes on but thats it. than i have to close pes and nothin is saved…

  52. זה לא משנה לי את השאר כדרור מסירה בעיטה לא יודע למה ואני עושה הכל נכון

  53. so what happens if you put 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63

    all the data goes to 99??


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