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PES 2011 – BaL Studio 1.0 by MxSoniC


PES 2011 - BaL Studio 1.0 by MxSoniC PES 2011 - BaL Studio 1.0 by MxSoniC

PES 2011 BaL Studio 1.0 by MxSoniC

Tool for PES 2011 BaL editing.

supported platforms:
1. PC only

features settings:
1. change Match level
2. change Match Time
3. change Market Activity Level
4. Classic Player YES or NO
5. change Money Unit
6. Reset prevention YES or NO
7. change Player Stats
8. change Player position
9. change PLayer and Shirt Name
10. change Player Nationality
11. change another Player Stats

1. installed .NET Framework (at least version 3.5)

how to use:
1. open PES 2011 Bal File
2. take your settings before
3. save PES 2011 Bal File

thanks to:
PSO Edit Team, Juce, Ariel, Patros64, Wild moddingway and pescorner Team

version 1.0
first release


  1. Hi all!

    THX: great job, but little mistake!
    Not accurate: the set values change…
    (is late)
    Check more pls!

  2. Crashes when saving

    File name : ‘checksum, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’

  3. helllo am kinna new av bin tryin to change ma nationality but it deosnt wrk wot kan i do plssss

  4. market activity can’t change always set high.
    when i chose to low it automatic change to high when i save….

  5. Hi, Can you make an editor like this for the Xbox 360 version? We can get the binary archives too. They are called the same as PC version, BL01.bin, Bl02.bin, etc. Please, Nobody makes an editor for consoles but we are waiting for it so bad. =)

  6. – try to edit shirt name. after complete, i load on the game then the name doesn’t change yet.

    – try to change market activity to normal, then i click save. but that market activity return to high again.

    – shoot accuracy and shoot power value editing sometimes swapped after load .bin file

    – country INDONESIA and IRAQ being flipped.

    That’s it. Wait for update ^^

  7. hi i m new and when i open this editor this error will come(the application failed to intalize properly(o*c0000135).click on ok to terminate the application) plz help me

  8. Dnt knw if its the trainer..but I saw my teammates stats 3 over 109.so they get chosen obve me.hw cn I edit their stats.or hw cn I repair this prob.thnx

  9. In the features mentioned above can you explain this to me please:

    11. change another Player Stats

    Thanks in Advance.


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