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PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM [v. 2.0.137]


PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM [v. 2.0.115] PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM

PES 2011 BAL Editor v. 2.0.137 by inttny [ from EPT-TEAM ]

v 2.0.137 update 2010-10-24 01:43:51
1. Fixed the wrong version of the game when v2.0.115 read the game error BUG;
2. modified to increase the training mode the default location changes resulting from tips.

English version also updates!
This version fixed some bugs and a few functions are appended.
1. It can edit the player’s nationality.
2. Fixed the bug which we can’t cancel any exists position of the player.
3. Append a default position changed tip for the changing coach mode.

Video tutorial how to do it – here.


  1. it can load the game with v1.01, but can’t load the game with v1.01 data pack v1.01.. please solve this problem..

  2. Hey boys and girls, try to update your game to v1.01, the updates for the game will not cause any lost and that updates might fixed a quantity of bugs. What’s more, only that version can be supplied by the editor

  3. to inttny: the official setup for pes v1.01 cant be installed in my gme and shows error saying ‘the upgrade patch cannot be installed by windows installer bla bla la’. is there any solution to fix this?

  4. Thank you I had no problem since the first version, but still we make some friends who have developed with 43 happening in the meantime I thank you for touching us so much help in

  5. basith – mate it is v1.01 exe an update, but the All Attributes Max does not remain on 255 it reverts back to 109 for some reason and trying to remove 1 (S) card flip flap LoL but that remains too. Any further help appreciated Mate Thanks !!!!!

  6. i wished i could change my players position to goalkeeper:..thats what i realy want..maybe the guys can make that posible

  7. Please someone help me
    I cannot run the program, I follow the video tutorial but always appears the error:
    “PES2011 is not running, load failed.”

  8. ================================================== ================================
    2010-11-08 22:53:18
    Update v2.1.127
    This update recall SUPERMAN mode function.
    About SUPERMAN:
    1. Every attribute can be modified up to 127 max.
    2. The values above 99 you see in “My Data” menu will be shown as symbol “-“, but they can be read in the match or tactics panel.
    3. There are some hidden values to be appended to the value, I dont know how much is maximun value. If your value + appended > 127 then you will find your player is more weak than that you did not modify them. For example, if you set speed to 127, and the system append 10 to it, the actual value will be 9, not 137: val+append-128 is the value(only when total is more than 127). So now you will be a tortoise.
    4. According to point 3, I suggest you not let the value above 117.

    ================================================== ================================
    2010-11-09 22:36:22
    Update v2.2.104

    This update cause the possibility of the treated of hidden attributes.


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