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PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM [english version]



PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM

1. Start your BAL.
2. Load your player info into the program (down left button).
3. Make changes you want.
4. Save changes by pressing a button on down right.

* if you get error opening PES 2011 BAL Editor — install this.


  1. Center Forward is always marked ingame and Side Midfielder shows 2147483644 weeks to learn after dismarking it in the editor. However Good Job!

  2. Well that editor doesnt load my game also i do just like the video! does anyone have the same problem?? i have windows 7…

  3. i’ve got Xp and doesn’t load my game too…

    it show me squares under thae load game button….

  4. you do not see squares under the load boutton after you click it black? and do you have chineese language installed on your windows plz?

  5. yes man i used english but when i load the game nothing happens and i see under the load boutton 5 or 6 squares… i still dnt have a clue lol :P

  6. can i play as a goalkeeper with this tool cuz in pes 2010 i set the gk option but i only could see the match i coudnt play it as a gk so is it possible here ??

  7. I wont recommend being the keeper. Once the transfer window opens the game shuts down. I would hazard a guess it’s because your BAL player is not recognized with however the game is coded or something.

  8. 1. open pes game => load bal
    2. Start your BAL.
    3. Load your player info into the program (down left button).
    4. Make changes you want.
    5. Save changes by pressing a button on down right(write memory).

  9. this tool is cool but it doesn’t change the rating right? i mean even though i change the stats to all-99 but my rating won’t change

  10. @dykstra
    it´s the same like in the instructions and it still don´t load the my bal player

    could you say which patch i only have the latest dlc

  11. David Foster thanks for ur opinion but i ll do this until the transfer market opens i ll close the game choose an random position and after choosing a team i ll be back as a gk :D i just wanted to play cuz i never enjoyed an experience like that in pes world

  12. This application in vista use different addresses memory then xp .that why it don’t load the value (43 is default value)

  13. Anyone got managed to play as a keeper? I tried changing my player to a keeper but then you only watch matches even if you named in the starting lineup?! So annoying really wanted to play as a keeper

  14. You need to open the game in BAL mode first and then minimize it.
    Then you can open the BAL editor and edit whatever you want.
    Just watch and learn the video and you will be able to do it!

  15. I have windows 7 ultimate edition, pes not patched and the editor isn’t working.
    When i press Load Game, all the stats go to 43 and everything else goes nuts, like Name, Age, etc.
    Any advice?


    u should load the file while playing BAL. u can’t just edit>open PES>play BAL. u need to run PES>open BAL>open tool>load>change stats> SAVE> (ingame) save ur BAL! :) hope it helps

  17. I run the game load my BAL file then goes to run the editor and press load all the stats are 43 only one of them is 99 the name of the player goes crazy the age is 43 (not my player)
    I have the net framework 4 installed on my pc
    I tried running it as administrator but it does nothing different

    I need to know what do I need to do in order for this to work

  18. Not that easy apa, i did what you and kay said and still nothing happens, i have edited my player with the hex editor and it worked fine but this does not seem to work, i’m running Pes 2011 on a windows 7-64 bits comp. with framework 4.0, my pes is 2011 version 1.00, could be that?

  19. apa
    as kay and orgut said I have exactly the same problem, your solution does not work so dont say that it is working because it really is not working, and many of us have the same problem. Anyone else with more constructive apporach for this issue?
    please help!!!

  20. Ok, now i updated to 1.01 and it worked fine, just it, the 1.00 Pes 2011 doesn’t work but it does with 1.01.

  21. There is no matter if the editor or the game is running first, this editor needs the name of PES process is “pes2011.exe”, and it can only support pes2011 v1.01(not the data pack version, just the game’s version).

    After your writing memory, you can stay the editor where it is or close it, by now its work is done.


  23. If you are sure you did have installed the .NET Framework40, then follow these steps to check for the problems and fix it:

    1. Download .NET Framework cleanup tool to uninstall .NET Framework, the address:
    2. Reinstall .NET Framework, pay your attention about this, the .NET Framework40 do not include .NET Framework20 or .NET Framework35, so if you want to use any program base in those Framework metioned above you may need to install it after your installing .NET40.
    By now you should install it successful, and you could use this program normally. Also you can use a verify tool to check for your installing, the address: http://astebner.sts.winisp.net/Tools/netfx_setupverifier.zip

    Enjoy yourselves!

  24. – I dont set Position CF for my player, but it always exist after edit my player. I dont want play in positon.
    – How to check S02 (Passer), it seem disable.
    plz help me :(

  25. ten program to porazka po co komu stwarzac zawodnika jak i tak nie czyta go zreszta w tej grze 70% nie jest czytane zawodnikow to wielki minus dla konami

  26. Es una mierda esto.. Intente millones de veces i no pude.. Tengo window 7 ,, todas las actualizaciones qe te pide esto i no pasa nada u.u

  27. Dear All , I use “PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM [v. 2.0.137]” and it’s seem ok . But when i check the detail of player ability then i found that this “BAL editor” doesn’t mentioning the field : Teamwork ability !

    Can someone advise me ? tank you in advance .

  28. What i mean was almost ” all player ability ” can change use this BAL Editor but not for ” Team work ability ” , Please fix this or advise me if there any solution.

    Thank you.

  29. I have downloaded the editor,but it won’t even start.I have windows 7,game is 1.01 version with data pack.

  30. Pls. I just installed pes 2011, and the entire game is in french and not english. Is there a setting or patch to change the game to english

  31. how do we get the 4 skills that are unavailable for checking, that is, the 1-on-1 finisher, marauder, passer, and pk taker?

    is it possible at all.

  32. after the first match for me with national team in euro qualifiers, the game stucks and hang
    i tried to play the match again the same happens
    tried also to jump week couldn’t
    what to do pls????????

  33. I have windows 7 ultimate edition, pes not patched and the editor isn’t working.
    When i press Load Game, all the stats go to 43 and everything else goes nuts, like Name, Age, etc.
    Any advice?

  34. seem like the editor will make the short pass go wrong, it go for strange direction.

  35. i tried to make it work on PS3,

    but I couldn’t

    any help?

    what I did:
    copied the BAL save to a flash driver.
    then open it with HexEdit.
    but I can’t find the numbers.
    I can get like two numbers, but the rest are not for my player.

  36. Can this work with the Unreal patch i tried and i couldn’t do it but when i tried with the normal pes 2011 it worked. Can someone help me???

  37. I have ESET Smart Security.I Play now PES 2011 and Patch 4.0 September.My com 1-i7.2-ram 4GB.3-1 GB ATI.evey thing it is ok.


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