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PES 2011 3D First Hands on


PES 2011 3D First Hands on :

PES 2011 3D First Hands on

“Off all the games I’ve tried on the console, nothing comes close to the stunning sense of depth PES achieves when the camera is positioned just behind the keeper for a goal kick, and the other end of the pitch really does look like it’s a hundred metres away. “


“It’s during replays, corners and free kicks, however, that the effect smashes you in the face with a tremendous sense of depth and, as a result, the illusion of more detail.”


“Sports seems to be one of the genres that benefits most from 3D, with the added depth making it easier to judge distances for precision play. PES has utilised it without resorting to cheesy effects, simply adding depth to the proceedings. While we haven’t seen how the league features are going to work yet, our brief hands-on with PES offered pretty much everything we could hope for. “


“The ‘Player’s View’ camera effectively follows your selected player at close range from a slightly above-and-behind perspective.. Think of it similarly to a ‘Become A Legend’/’Be A Pro’-style camera, only with you playing as all 10 outfield players rather than just one. And it really does immerse you deeper in the experience.”


“The quality of the AI is superb, with players moving into space and making little darting runs as you search for an opening. They fall over nicely too when you slide into the back of them. Hehehe. Shots from outside the box can still often find the back of the net like they used to in pre-PS3 days, but this aside, it’s realistically tricky to create a goalscoring opportunity and you’ll need to work for it.”




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