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PES 2011 – Camera Settings v1.3 by MxSoniC


PES 2011 Camera Settings v1.3 by MxSoniC :

1. change Settings for Camera Type “Normal Close”
2. change Settings for Camera Type “Normal Medium”
3. change Settings for Camera Type “Normal Long”
4. change Settings for Camera Type “Wide”
5. change Settings for Camera Type “Broadcasting 1”
6. change Settings for Camera Type “Broadcasting 2” ( only Height )
7. change Settings for Camera Type “Vertical Wide”
8. change Settings for Camera Type “player”
9. import PES 2010 Cameras
10. restore original Camera Settings
11. restore PES 2011 Cameras
12. load and save Camera Settings from INI File

how to use:
1. choose the 1.0 PES 2011 EXE
2. open PES 2010 EXE File
3. select the Type of Camera
4. change the settings
5. press the accept button
6. save the EXE File
7. have fun

thanks to:
Master Master [email protected], 222, Ariel, Master goldorakiller, ninuzzu, moddingway Team, PSO Edit Team

changelog version 1.3:
– add: PES 2010 Cameras

update: new upload of v1.3 (now it should go with any exe)


  1. does camera broadcasting 1 work like in pes2010…

    i really hate pes2011’s current camera angle…!!

  2. thank god! that annoying camera swing is finally gone and i managed to get the exact same wide angle from pes 2010. thank you so much!

  3. To: “the zul”
    Edit Normal Close
    Height 150
    zoom (near side) 20
    zoom (far side) 197

    I like broadcasting v2 and playing this camera in pes 2010.Pes 2011 i must edit camera setting and i think it’s good alternative camera broadcasting v2 ;]

  4. hey is this working ??? i really need to get rid of the camera swing.i want to have “wide” camera like pes 2010.how can i get it .pls help !!!

  5. I have tried everything. I did the same like author wrote in fukin instruction and it still doesn’t work!!
    I just want to have a normal Wide camera from PES 2010. No zooming, no fukin turning of fukin camera. Just simple basic Wide Cam.
    If anybody would be so nice and send me an email with fixed exe (I mean exe with changed Camera) I would be so fukin grateful :)

    [email protected]

  6. Hello, I`m getting an error when I trying to save the exe, then nothing happen. I`m using windows 7, 64 bits.

  7. thanks a million million times….
    ggetting double fun by havin a good camera …long live pes-patch…god bless !!!!

  8. @pes-patch

    Could U show us what look settings for ‘Wide Camera’ in this tool??
    U have posted ‘Broadcasting 1’ only, so we also need to see second one.

  9. Personal http://www.pes-patch.com peopl very much the same to you guys to launch something for the pes 2011 to make the bar getting shot down again, not in pes 2010 do not know how to play with that awful bar in the player you guys are the only you guys can create something to go down the bar I thank you even more.

  10. I say the bar staff and the player wanted to kick something to the power bar go down, not in pes 2010 i could not understand the switch to low or no geito me know if you guys Avize ok excuse my English I am Brazilian fighting.

  11. Great post! :)

    The original camera really sucks. Why KONAMI has not kept another camera? it’s really stupid!

    cumps for all

  12. wide camera settings please!!!! :,( I´ve already play with broadcasting camera, but would like to play with Wide. Please help.

  13. pes2010 like Wide camera settings:

    height : 241
    zoom (near side) : 180
    zoom (far side) : 180

    i tried these settings.. u can make changes as u wish

  14. Shady you need to put the right version of your game to result!
    Actually i have the patch 0.2 installed too.


  15. Leprechaun, im Sry i didnt mean that it doesnt Work for every1, i know its Great Job, and Thanks Btw, i just meant that it doesnt Work for me Thats All :) btw im sry again :)
    But my Right Version is 1.01 and im choosing it :), u dont have any other Solution?
    Should i Install any Patches?

  16. hi Leprechaun.

    I’m also portuguese and I couldn’t change the angle camera in pes 2011.

    can you add me please?

    if yes tell something and I’ll post my email.

  17. Leprechaun hehe lool, before u said to me to install the patch i already done :D, and it happened to me too, it Changed Automaticlly to 1.00, but it doesnt Work too, maybe the Wrong with PES 2010 Exe File?? Can u Add me Please and Make it Step by Step^^ ?if u havent Problem :)
    [email protected]

  18. first time konami announce new camera, I was excited.
    But when I know there is no option for old wide camera, I was furious.
    Why when Konami finally add so many feature to this game, the screw up big time on the camera, it is so hard to put the feature that already exist ??
    anyway thanks for the patch PES-PATCH !!

  19. Hello

    It does not work for me, I have tried following all guide and used all three versions but still the camera angle is the same.
    can someone please help

  20. Wat The Fuck With This Instructions Stupid Publisher :S, All That Time im Doing wat u Said And Opening PES 2010 Exe From the Open Menu in CameraSetting But Leprechaun Was Right He is Very Clever not Such a Stupid Like u :S Thx Leprechaun ur the best

  21. I have followed the guide by Leprechaun but it still does not work, I load the game and still the same camera settings, any help

  22. Hi,

    im getting a “unhandled exception has occured in your application” error. is there a way to fix?


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