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PES 2010 Skyline Evo Patch 2.1 by FabioFBI


Version 2.1 must be installed NECESSARILY ON VERSION 1.0 from Here!

Its most ‘important and be independent of other patches and from the original game, since it has :

* its own KITSERVER
* its own folder SAVE.
* automatically installer
* Multilinguage
* DLC 1.7 compatible.

New in PES 2010 Skyline Evo Patch 2.1:

~ Update official squads of FIFA WOLRD CUP South Africa 2010;
~ Make the transfers until 07/04, correct formations and numbers of mesh;
~ GDB entirely replace with new kits for all clubs and national teams, updated to the 2010 season (World Cup South Africa 2010);
~ Added 4 new teams (KAA Gent, HNK Hajduk Split, FC Santos, Los Angeles Galaxy);
~ Added 90 new faces;
~ Added new bootpack with correct names;
~ Added new ballpack with correct names;
~ Added new adboards for all stadiums;
~ Added new turf for all stadiums;
~ Posts classic kits for Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea, Galatasaray, Juventus, Lazio, Leverkusen, Liverpool, Majorca, Man Utd, Milan, Porto, Real Madrid, Rome, and for Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon , Chile, Colombia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, USA.
~ Posted in the final of Champions League Adidas Madrid 2010;
~ Added new fans in the stands with the colors of the teams.

Perhaps something has been forgotten, but most have been listed.

Tutorial patch installation

Patching Tutorial 1.0

Read carefully before asking questions about things already explained!

Tutorial install patches through the installer
It takes a few simple steps to install version 1.0 of the patch:
1) Download all the rar;
2) Extract the contents of 6 rar where you want (just extract Skyline_1.0.part1.rar and unpack the others): this will extract a exe;
3) Install the patch using the Skyline 1.0.exe you have extracted (eventually agree to run the patch and will start the patch);
4) Install only if you play in 4:3 the Skyline FIX 4-3.exe : http://www.multiupload.com/RE3JWY3C8N

Please note that the patch is uninstalled via the SkyUninstall.exe present in the folder where you also have the skyserver.

Tutorial install patch 2.1 (remember that you must have properly installed the 1.0)
Read carefully before asking questions about things already explained!

Tutorial patch installation by the installer
It takes just two steps to install version 2.1 patch:
1) Download the rar and extract the contents where you want: you extract an exe;
2) Install the patch by Skyline 2.1.exe.

Please note that the patch is uninstalled via the SkyUninstall.exe present in the folder where you also have the skyserver.


Here are the Frenquently Asked Questions:
1) Why in the game entering the game with my OF is original?
– Why was not correctly installed the official patch KONAMI 1:03 and / or because you did not download from System Settings.

2) Why am I getting the game graphically equal to the original, including logos and jerseys?
– Why do you properly installed the skyserver. Is present in the Install from Manager.exe skyserver.

3) Why uploads are very slow?
– Because your computer is not able to support approximately 3 GB of patches. You can limit the damage by removing the dt01.img (CORI) from skyserver.

4) If I had started a contest and I put the patch work?
No, because with all the new files sballerà.

5) The file dt01.img (chants) is essential?
No, you can also delete them without the patch are affected.


He has been involved in creating the File Options, and make independent the patch, the installer creation of the large settlement Facepack of Relink mesh and choirs, the establishment of GDB, the assembly of menu backgrounds, amendment names of the stadiums, shoes, balls, the commentary, the movement of teams and of its position in CL mode, the creation of new teams and to identify, detect and collect all the bins for the patch, coordinating the patch.

General credits:
~ Juce & Robbie for the indispensable kitserver made available
~ W! Ld @ goldorakiller for lori and wonderful editor
~ PATe.Arminia for her that I used as a basis OF
~ The following authors mStar, odiney, jvinu2000, Andy, viciouswe, Kolia V ManUtdFan182, PESEDIT, Tritondang, CRonaldo7, R-Style, Jefferson, brian_jc, Grand Bleu, Biker Jim, Müller Bento, Flisak, wilou, Simonhibsey, PHCOGL, Francoli, Bule, Gonzalinho, Mendocino, kBagi, Maty, lion_hart, Nicklaaas, pawelszalik, Gu3d4, Dark Black, Scottish_carson, V @ der, DEO_Reloaded, Renawolv, EdxZ101, FLR, klashman69, maleklampard, BR Kits, Algerino10, Gaston0802, PESA for the various kits of national teams, referees and clubs
~ The following authors Skurt, Saintkei, jorgze, Cigman, USSR Team, xCheWx, Cross, Giulianca, Matt, Edson Bittencourt, xCarva, Pro, Jelly, ccq214, Dato1988, Michelot94, aries05, Agiga, DPZone, El Nino 9, Mikel Fasano, kabezadenavaja, Cigman Felipe Pflanzer, s’n, Bojan, monKevski, michi1860, rusmaker, ccq214, Arnau, Romantik, DPZone, Peyman, Gil, DUNÉR, SerSh, monKevski, King Bob, Kibo, christopher91, Philipp 123, michi1860, Alanclipers, (s) hitfacer, Gutieres, dacho15, messi10, sopel86lodz for their fantastic faces
~ Diablos for creating logos of clubs and national League of Screen, a beautiful club kits, logos and replay for logos choice alloys.
~ Sheridans ® for the background based on SKY all menus
~ Bojan for original menus
~ Zlatan87cb for the creation of new sponsors for the Masters, to amendment of the stadium scoreboard screens and the creation of the new scoreboard sponsor entry
~ Fabioletto79 for the creation of arbitrators Diadora kits 2009/10
~ Brian_jc for the creation of kits for training
~ Devil94 for creating beautiful kit Serie B.
~ mcbull67 for creating the turf of all stadiums
~ Frenkie for the creation of turf for the stadium workout
~ Kralle79 for bootpack
~ *DanZ* for the ballpack
~ Gigimarulla for the choirs of national and club
~ Ian ray78 for several choruses of teams in Serie B
~ Siba01 for PS3 Joypad
~ Pablo1919 for gloves for goalkeepers
~ Ninuzzu for the scoreboard SKY, for icons positions and for the Replay logo SKY
~ Motto for the innovative “sweat on their faces”
~ Silverfox87 for the flag and smoke
~ Revenge for the fans in the stands
~ Th3 Sc0 St1L3R for previews of the stadiums
~ Arquero7171 for adboards for all stadiums
~ Oesukinsyn for networks of gates and the cursor ball.

Note 1: If you want to put this patch on other forums, contact me by mp that will placed where required. Thank you!
Note 2: I, like any other forum, I take responsibility for damage to the game or else.
Note 3: If some authors note some of its components present in the patch but is absent from the credits tell me who have added.

At this point the patch is applied! Have fun with PES 2010: Skyline Evo Patch 2.1!


  1. At the master league, there are less teams in Others and when you start a team like Barcelona, you cannot see the players from that missing teams…please correct this…


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