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PES 2010 [ OF / Online ] DB Editor 0.7 by MxSoniC



* Editor for PES2010 OF and Online Database [DB]

how to use:

* open the PES 2010 Option File
* do the changes an save, after edited each player will also “save player data”
* for Stadium Edit, open the pes2010.exe, do the changes an save the exe

supported platforms:

* PC


* edit player name / abilities / motions etc.
* export data [ CSV, .Player, Teams and Stadiums files supported ]
* edit Team Names OFFLINE and ONLINE 6 Laguages ( Englisch, France, German, Italy, Spain, Portuguese )
* edit Radar Color OFFLINE and ONLINE
* edit Stadiums OFFLINE and ONLINE
* edit Home Stadiums
* Banner Relink
* AFS Explorer, manage *.bin files from dt04.img (export, import, export and decompress, import and compress) –> THX TO 222
* PES 2010 Checksum


* installed .NET Framework

thanks to:

* Master [email protected], 222, Ariel, goldorakiller, mosu90, ninuzzo, maiers, pvanila
… and anybody which I forgot ;-)

latest changes:

* changelog:
version 0.7
– add: Banner Relink Tutorial


to insert the banner, edited unnamed_2306.bin in the “unnamed” folder.
After editing the copied folder unnamed_2306.bin in Kitserver “dt07.img”
unnamed_2306.bin or imported directly into the dt07.img via AFS Explorer


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