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PES 2010 Editor v2.0 by [email protected]


Features in PES 2010 Editor v2.0 by [email protected]:

* added support for 1.05 DLC ( new boots, change OF version etc. )
* added random assign of goal celebrations ( see global adjust tab )
* improved transfers ( is possible to transfer player into ML hide teams – keep pressed CTRL )
* hiden skills are supported via CSV import
* list of player’s boots is back
* quick kit setting for whole team via context menu [ (un)tucked / tight / baggy ]
* added “Age” and “Sum” filter into global adjust tab ( see new format of element “limits” in “../utils/Example of tweak file/” )
* added function “autoselect commentary” to the edit player window ( search in commentaries when shirt name changed )
* added global function “check & assign commentaries”
* FM stats delimiter is optional in tab “Settings” ( should be compatible with new format of FM Genie Scout file )
* updated “Paste stats from PSD” function ( hidden stats supported and conversion of dribbling and playmaking stars to the new card system is optional )
* added tooltips with explanation of abilities and cards to the player edit window ( thx to PSD members )
* optimalization of the code)


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