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PES 2010 Editor v1.7 by [email protected]


New Features in PES 2010 Editor v1.7:

* supported swapping of extra teams
* maximum of extra teams are supported
* 0 is supported in global adjusting of team style
* fixed player’s A/D cards setting when importing team + squad via .Team files
* added auto market price setting ( according to the player’s abilities ) into global adjust tab
* added import of team ID to ‘Import [OF2]’ tab ( you can easy copy ID of teams from original OF or other patches – thx PATe )
* added support of extra teams in ‘Import [OF2]’ tab
* removed support for face and hair slot 259/3832
* removed SWP position
* improved loading of big FM stats exports on low-end computers
* added filter “current ability” to loading of FM stats exports ( you can select range of players to load, so it’s not longer necessary to create more variants of exports like: small, medium etc. )
* added new merge tool + file with FM2010 heights and weights ( thx stam, Dr.Bernard and ruci )


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